An Article From Obinna Luminary Ike-Amadi

  Pick up the call.
  The very best people could do the worst given the conditions they find themselves in. My silence should not be mistaken for weakness or foolishness. I have just been observing. My name is Luminary and in the next few lines I am going to be pouring out my grievances against the situations of things in my immediate environment
.The year 2015 was a good year because I got an admission into the overrated unilag. (I am still proud and grateful). It didn’t take time for me to notice how phrases were juxtaposed to further explain the pride that came with this institution. The staff kept saying “University of first choice and the nation’s pride”. When I got to the law faculty I heard a new one and of a Latin origin:- “primus interpares non secondum”.

That year also Goodluck Ebele Jonathan ceased to be the president of Nigeria legally. We were ushered into what we might call change. Funny enough the institutors of this idea did not specify what kind of change it was:-positive, negative, good, bad, inconvenient, acceptable or even the change you get after paying over the price.(forgive my sense of humor). Some might say I am arriving my destination without conveyance. Wait for it.

  A few days ago students at unilag were driven out because of their decision to protest the inadequate electricity, pipe borne and processed water, high cost of living, stagnation in the renovation of the sodeinde hall amongst other grievances. A few weeks ago this country, a larger society to which unilag, a sub-society belongs to went on a spree of fuel Scarcity and prolonged power shortage. I am not here to recount stories. It’s inevitable to be a Nigerian citizen and not understand the tune of music that I am Playing. I have thought of the best way to put this and the resolution are these:-

[1]Our leaders do not know the art of administration

[2]We should learn a thing or two from the French.

  One thing our leaders fail to realize in Nigeria is that they rule based on legitimacy and confidence of the people . they lack the basic skill required for administration. They overlook the importance of communication and encouragement. Rather they look on the so called bright sides :- carting away any unaccounted funds that crosses their fingers. The passion for charismatic rulership has been downplayed. These days leaders of stinking record are lauded even as the youths serve as instruments of mass corruption (IMCs). Our francophone partners have different stories. They are developing slowly but steadily.
Tantamount to the upsurge of aforementioned issues in unilag, the students conducted a peaceful protest. They received a bombshell. A very silent one. They were snubbed by the vice Chancellor (Very terrible communication skills exhibited by the academic aficionado). I just wrote “academic” aficionado. Well, that’s the problem. He is academic not administrative. So I am guessing he’s a professor of some course.

  Well bad news is that unilag is not a classroom,a laboratory or a faculty and so is every other academic institution in Nigeria. Teachers should teach while administrators should administer. Our counterparts in the western world tend to be moving faster because of their sense of duty delegation and as such standards are set, met and kept. The leadership of schools in France is left to administrators who have taken courses in administration and management and have displayed erudition in leadership, conflict management and resolution and not some professors who have a lot of papers, journals, and books on law, business administration, engineering etc. Students are agitating for the removal of the Vice Chancellor not bearing in mind that he would be replaced by someone of the same class as him. That is why the rate of protests in Nigerian schools is very alarming when compared to her counterparts in Africa and around the world . When the students confronted the management with its problems they were ignored probably because they think it was too irrelevant (price of bread, sachet water) or a national problem(power).

  The management forgot that the French Revolution one of the most radical revolution has shortage of bread and grain as one of its major causes asides heavy taxation by Louis XVI and other reasons. Very minor issues can cause very big problems and wrong address could spark of problems. The bonjourlafrance blog puts it this way:-

Food Scarcity

These problems were all compounded by a great scarcity of food in the 1780s. Different crop failures in the 1780s caused these shortages, which of course led to high prices for bread. Perhaps no cause more motivated the Paris mob that was the engine of the revolution more than the shortage of bread.

The poor conditions in the countryside had forced rural residents to move into Paris, and the city was overcrowded and filled with the hungry and disaffected. The peasants suffered doubly from the economic and agricultural problems.

The wrong address was the inability in handling the problems by Louis XVI as well as taxation. In the case of unilag. It was the big “SNUB” by Prof. Rahman Bello. This little snub has engineered the upheaval we are facing today. To make things worse the students were given a short notice to vacate the halls of residence. Things like that haven’t happened since the military rule and the reign of the likes of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. I was shocked but kept quiet and the school premises. Nigeria has and is still suffering bad rulership because of inexperience. The Nigerian football federation has been unable to be be governed by Nigerian coaches and as such Amaju Pinnick has decided to hire a foreign coach. Now let’s be clear I have looked at it and I have finalized my thoughts or what I will call my judgment on maladministration in Nigeria. I have written my thoughts on what I feel is the best way to amend the situation. It is my view. I plead to differ from the views of people but I also stand to be corrected.


Before his honesty


In the wave of maladministration SUIT NO: LC/YB/UNILAG/001


1. That the duties of leadership positions should be left to certified Administrators and academic posts left for the academics.
2 . In the situation of none proposed leaders should be made to undertake courses in leadership and communication.
3. That we Nigerians chased the white men away quickly before we could learn management skills and the leaders were ousted from power by the military and ever since Nigerian leaders have had problems ruling.
4. The importance of communication skills shouldn’t be undermined.
5. APC. Claims Jonathan is not our saving grace. I put it to them that BUHARI isn’t that either. Corruption lies in the APC and it’s only a matter of time for its manifestation.
6. That perhaps, some leadership positions should be left to expatriates for a period of time to encourage development not for economic gains. As it is the only thing solution we haven’t tried. For a few years let’s work and let them lead and transform our country.
7. That UNILAG students should always prove to be outstanding and display political participation as always.
Judgement is entered accordingly

Obinna luminary (SAS)
This is the voice of luminary,
Vox populi, Vox dei.

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