Piece Of Apology By Samuel Ajayi

Have I told a lie?
Am I apologizing to the ‘apology thirsty’ fellas?
Have I in any way tinted my integrity or dignity?
Am I the supposed Mister of controversy?
Am I the latest illegally illegal crooner?

Capital NO!
Why the apology then?

I was going to make this available on all media platforms related to us as a faculty, I then reasoned that since the aim is to reach the citizenry of the Law Students’ Society, our enviable and prominent blog would do.

I greet everyone. Young and old. Gentlemen of the bar and the virtuous cuties of the law.
If I still need an introduction, I am that Amazing Sam.

My apology, wandering like a retarded destitute is scrictly to the individuals who will find themselves acquainted with any or every of the subsequent categories.

If I am to you, that straight young man who carries about, a chip on his shoulders and virtually should be tagged ‘proud’, one piece goes to you. A little more delving into my personality will reveal to you that I am not what you think of. Principles and unbiased self-worth are just must-have features.

If you’ve ever asked me out or I have done that to you (stylishly or daringly) but priorities and situations denied us the cloud nine chance, I’m sorry. It might have been an outright primordial plan. Let’s let it go. Finer faces ahead.

If I have sat on any seat you’ve reserved for your friends or your clique, dear Friend, I’m sure you’re aware it’s not my fault. There’ll soonest be bigger classes and more seats. Let’s donate so our billionaire building would come on time.

If I in any way have denied you of any needed stuff be it materials, courtesy, cash or any other thingy, biko you know not even Jesus pleased everyone. I am just a hustler who doesn’t have it all. Blend.

Peradventure you are of subscription to the notion that I am too serious for your liking, or not well social, actually, it’s not my fault. The Quest for success and prominence should be queried. Yeah!

I love this next set of people well over than the rest.
If you’ve conceptualized within your mental faculty that I am too blunt, daring and outspoken, I advice you to inculcate and borrow such trait. It’s needed dearie.

And on the other hand, if you feel I am just too cold and timid, I have a nut for you;
‘The gentleness of a tiger does not determine his cowardness’. Full stop.

If you’re in a position of authority and I have spoken or written against you or your exhibited acts, you need not be vexed as I must have done such for the love and interest of the people you govern. Let it go and you try be more responsible as your yet to be taken ugly actions shall warrant more from other sharers of the integrity dream. Lemme stop before I start sounding like one Gani, Falana, Oyewo or Aturu. LOL.

If you feel I live or sound just too spiritual most times, I’m sorry. That might have been a dream you had. I pray you wake from it quick. Amen.

And for all who constantly and continuously invite me to religious programmes and I’ve forever been falling hands, ERM… I honestly apologise. Time is money and G.P as my Igbo pals remind me.

To my senior colleagues who opine that I reserve little or no time for them to show me how to go about some things, I’m so sorry and to be frank, I directly or indirectly learn from and of you. Trust me you’re just too relevant to be ignored. Shout out to Timi Oyewo, Jones, Waleey, TOBOLOS, Wale Ajayi, Pen-Prince, Kemi Balogun, Verlos, Naphtali, Teni Akeju, Moyin and others.

On the other hand, a big sorry to those looking up to me for so many reasons but I haven’t been able to devout my time and interest as expected. Please bear. We all need someone to lean on. And if you don’t know it, I reserve the best of my heart for you. Shout out to my contemporaries and the very up and coming ones.

And on the last note…
Love to Ore Burger Miss. No spite against you or what you do. The whole issue was only turned against us. You’re cool and so am I here. Bigger you I pray.
Peace is all that should reign.

This is titled an apology…
It isn’t a vindication…
It simply is an acknowledgment draft…
And to the ‘apology thirsty’ fellas, you better quickly use your ‘Last Straw’ to sip this drink of bittersweet nightshade.
Love to everyone and let peace reign.


Samuel Ajayi


  1. The part mentioning Wale Ajayi & TOBOLOS, everything but, 2 disappointing leaders are they, forgive them for their negligence as excos and disappointing actions, only jah can, done well with this, Samazing you have,


    1. well,..I think samazing…as a press person you have not done not too well,you wrote something…well,that’s ok it pulled crowd for you the blog is grateful with that,but it seems as it is relevant to refer that you only wanted attention which you got tremendously…I say this piece is not needed.If you’re a politician in your class it might help you but you’re such an overrated individual…
      One big truth samazing…”AM STILL WAITING FOR THAT ELEMENT THAT MAKES YOU AMAZING” just one dude who carries himself well and has a check of a goodwill with people so…if you’re truly amazing show.that you’re amazing not to pull some lazy write up together and start expecting your cult like readership to follow you about.


  2. Samazing etymology- an attention grabbing “intellectual” wannabe synonym Orubebe usage- that girl knows nothing she’s a samazing.
    Now that the formalities are taken care of let us now move to the crux of the issue.
    This is a good article if you like to read the rantings of petty, immature famewhore. But if you’re even a little bit sensible then you’ll see this as the jargons of a desperate and idle BOY who is trying to extend his already expired 5 minutes of fame CONTRACT. Well-done Samuel Ajayi you have been dully noticed. I really hope you don’t spend all your time in the library plotting the METHODs you’ll next article instead of reading your books. . It would have done you well to just be classy and apologise and move on or not but this is too immature and petty even for you oh well you’re just exercising your CONSTITUTIONAL rights. I really don’t blame you though it’s the protest that’s given us all free time as said before that time would be better spent reading what PROFESSOR Oyewo( you have no God given right to call a man who’s past dean as well as an academic for over 20 years by just his last name. If you get to that level of proficiency you’ll probably understand) thought you instead of thinking on how best to a nuisance to the blogs ADMINISTRATIVE arm with your SYSTEMatic penchant for “writing”.
    In conclusions I repeat I believe your time in the university is better spent following your law courses as I’ve highlighted or if that’s too difficult looking for your “Ore” instead of dabbling with letters and calling it writing
    Have a great shut down and don’t forget to say hi and thanks for the advice when you see me in the faculty.


  3. This girl just lost all the respect I have been managing to give her. If not for your Boyfriend who is the better being, I wouldn’t mind playing a Dino Melaye on you. Let me better believe this is not the real Esther Eze. DissAppointed!!!


    1. Baba Nla Daniel. We would like to inform you that it was not the real Esther Eze who posted that comment. It is a sorry case of impersonation by a cowardly individual who could not afford to use their real name because they probably do not have one that stands for anything in the faculty. Sadly, this has been happening quite frequently on the blog lately. Work is being done to curb it as efficiently as possible.


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