Book Review: Red By Samuel Abu

  Books, books ,books, a tool by writers and readers to delve into the endless possibilities of imaginary realms. I guess this was the same Story for Thomas Hunter, it’s just that his was more of both realities than one imaginary world.

It’s been almost two months since I read the BLACK review here on the blog, and it really got me interested. In fact, I had the PDF version before reading up the review, but trust me experiencing the thrill of the novel itself got me wondering

“How creative could the human mind ever be?”  

  Basically, if you’re tired of random novels around, I dearly recommend you to try out the circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker:  BLACK, RED AND WHITE.
RED  is the continuous journey of Thomas Hunter following BLACK. The novel centers around him, an aspiring novelist who ended up working at a restaurant. The Raison Strain, yh, the mutated  vaccine turned virus that could wipe out the world in three weeks has become airborne . The journey doesn’t end for Thomas as he’s trying to get the anti-virus fast
The novel depicts a double reality, where Thomas transcends simultaneously, and gradually both realities are getting endangered. In one of the realities, the colored forest has been destroyed and the disease is swirling around. Now in our own reality,  Thomas is challenged by the release of the Raison Strain. The journey continues, the fight to survive and live in both realities is one you’ll surely love to experience.

  The book is gonna take you beyond the mere limits of lettered words to the exhilarating adventure  of Hunter his fight against the hordes, can he protect the  reaming 7 forest given under his watch by Elyon? Can he protect his children and his beloved wife Rachelle? Better still can he’s left in the dilemma of adopting  the new philosophy of “Justin”…………..the difficulties and success of his reality hangs on a thin balance.  And yet, he’s gonna have to stop the Raison Strain if he can or perhaps would he resign to the fate of both realities?………many more questions would be asked, and Thomas needs to proffer those answers.

  RED is a book you should really check out. Thomas life is hanging in the balance to exist I both worlds, he needs to act fast! This books would take you beyond the surface scratch and draw you in depth to the geographical acumen and imagery excellence of the writer. Read and experience the breath-taking thrills, well deployed imagery, the shrill of war, the great  romance to protect the ones you love. The depiction of martial combat and yet the great  skill of suspense and mystery the book has to offer and a whole lot more alongside impressive diction.
Note: Don’t read RED before BLACK follow the sequence, BLACK,RED and don’t miss the WHITE preview.

By Thomas Hunter………aka

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