Drowning By Alajogun

As I lay my head in a dreamy bed on a dreamy night

I got into the realm where I saw a victim I had to save  from a fight

Lord, knows! The fright

I turned my back against the victim’s tears and cries

As he endured the tormentor’s blows and bites

The victim voice hovers around the skies like a flying kite

I knew I could save it, even with the littlest might

I saw his shadow sway from left to right

As he struggled with the tormentor with the strength of a Knight

In no time, they were out of sight

As darkness covered my eyes into the night

I got a torch and lit the light

From what I saw, the victim’s face looked so bright

But he had the questions begging begging  for answers in his eyes….

Forgetting the past and facing the present

I decided to look on the side of the victim already wounded

By the tormentor who didn’t mind if he was faded

He buried his head into the sea

He drowns, no, he sinks!

He called out to me for help as he sings


It’s sad to see my G. P drown

I look at the tormentor with bent brows

But he didn’t flinch, not even at the sight of  frown

I run towards the sea, with my white turned brown

My black skirt pulled down

To save my wig and gown

I saved it!

As I snatched my gp from the tormentor called sleep

I woke up to reality

Wow.. I’ve neglected my books

I got my red pen and my black

My Mowoe and my Sagay

Let’s not do this again…


  1. Dear GP, please don’t scare me like that again. It hurts to know you’re drowning because I might not be able to save you next time. I promise to stick with Anson and Achike but you have to promise to stay grounded. And honey, just so you know, your promise is binding on you. 😉


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