Poem By Samuel Abu

There is the Swift

There is the strong

Yet,  we race like we’re in a theft

Chased by nothing but we throng-

Forward, perhaps to meet a demise unknown

Nah! better still, life is a race they say

Yet, “they” fail to make the right path known-

to we the young’ons who wait for answers: that’ll sway-

the truth, at least to grace our efforts

……sadly, well no

Unfortunately or should I say

*thinking* hmm


Blissfully, oh blissfully I tread the road, a journey of dilemma

Mapped out by “destiny”

rocky paved stones inscribed upon by doubt

Doubt that weighs the scale of skepticism

Over the light arms of optimism.
What then is left?

Nothing left to bear

What more can be achieved?

That’ll ever make me feel fulfilled
How far could I get?

Well,  maybe a little mile into the depths of hopeless waters

Nonetheless, I would let the search for answers enough reinforcement
My tread would be the mark; the hope that’ll trod upon

I would let my journey be a lesson, an answer to the young ones exercising their way through the first trimester and beyond

To the young ones anticipating the answers “they” would give
When I  then become a “they”, the pendulum would swing

Oh you swing to the rhythm of optimism, graced by the motion of time that’ll light hope


Then I’ll help them realise life isn’t just a race…. It’s a journey,
a journey to find answers through paths of dilemma,
and profer solutions before crossing the finish line
of your “last breathe”.

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