The Channel- Samuel Abu

  Alright, so candidly it’s been a while since I wrote some stuffs about motivation, and trust me I used to feel those stuffs were just mere words where one guy in black suit, neatly ironed trousers, glittering shoes and a possessor of the wind of the mic comes on stage to make a speech, rhymes with words ” your character determines the ecstacy of your encounter” , bursts your brain, the crowd goes whoa!!

and the next thing he gets is an alert on his smartphone.. Hmm nice deal. Anyways it’s a dope kinda thing sha,  cos never know how much words really do lift up a weary heart, a despair spirit and a depressed mind. So candidly it’s important to help others with your words, at least like the motivational speakers do… Err and don’t forget they get fat wages simply for using soothing words and knowledge to impart people’s life.
Okay okay, so back to the matter,  time to download some data… Well data is information in the computer language, so I’m simply saying it’s time to revert to the essence of the write up. Basically, it’s a very usual feeling to think that one day you could change the world, or at least we all feel we could just make a difference, at least a little one before we leave the surface of the world. Oh and yh, we feel the difference we would make would have a reverberating effect on people, thus our name would continually be remembered and all that…. I like that, cos I also dream that way.
Most importantly, it’s one thing to actually “wish”  and another to “execute” the wish. That’s whv it’s not enough to think things would get better,  cos thoughts are only a pigment of the imagination, the real world is where the real plan is needed. One of my greatest regrets, if it ever happens will be that I had the chance to give what I had but declined, and that which I ought to give should lose its value”. Simply saying that it’s gonna hurt my emotions if I could extend my humanly capacity to aid a fellow human, but due to some reasons I decided not to extend that “human capability”. In fact overtime the value of help would have been lost, then I’ll realize I never gave anything, yet I lost the value of that which I could.
      Anyways, it’s paramount to know that every human being has got a particular “gift”,  besides it’s a gift not for oneself but for the world also. Maybe we need to start realizing that the “gifts”  we hold were not created by us, they were given to us. I believe every idea man has got was conceived through inspiration. Note : man didn’t create the ideas, he was only privileged to conceive them. In essence, every idea, gift etc was made somewhere ; a place in the idealist realm and these things can only be manifested in our world through the human activity. I believe every great and wonderful idea is froe God who implanted them in man. And man whose duty is to manifest these ideas when they’ve come into fruition to attend a need. Thus, man is more of a channel.
  A channel is simply a linker of flow from one party to the other, that means whatever idea you’ve got and you’re reluctant to link with others means you’re avoiding your responsibility as a channel. Don’t be too selfish enjoying your talents to yourself, because if God was selfish He wouldn’t have given the gift anyways. Come to think of it, a channel of water that disseminates into homes doesn’t really get dried up, neither does the account that keeps money flowing plunge into emptiness. Well maybe that’s why Bill Gates and Co have decided to keep giving half their wealth to aid the poor. Giving yourself and your resources to others gives a feeling of enthusiasm that can’t be bought, or perhaps is give fulfillment, cos you’ve made yourself a channel that others are thankful for.  As a human you hold something different, worth sharing. Those ideas aren’t yours, the only thing is the privilege you enjoy to conceive them. See yourself as a linker of the flow from God to people on earth, then you’ll realise that you didn’t kill God’s trust in your abilities to channel his love, ideas and gifts to those around you – BE THE CHANNEL.
That’s why I keep these words in my brain telling myself
“I wanna be the rendition of hope that’ll mitigate the climax of trepidation ”

     By Abu Samuel

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