I am sorry, yet I’m not sorry and I’m happy. I’m sorry for leaving y’all in the lurch for the past few weeks; circumstances dictate. I believe I am back with a bang, but I leave you to be the judge of that. I am not sorry for the very simple reason that my sabbatical(hey, I just like the term, dont cast me) gave me ample time to pick the apple of every man’s eye; Linda Elegeonye of the class of 19, who so-ably represented JOC in the Manifestos 3.0. And I’m not sorry that yet again, a student from law class of 19 tops the chart(Did I just hear Anita Clement yelp for joy?).
Linda is the epitome of beauty and femifeminine magic in all ramifications, especially with that hair-style(can’t think of a better term) she is presently sporting. Astonishingly humble, fascinatingly fun and exasperatingly cheerful, one can’t help feeling she must be divine. I think there is no one, nvm.

The interview held thursday evening at love garden amidst falling leaves, laughing students and a guy playing a so-romantic-tune on a guitar in the senate building, believe me I had to keep reminding myself not to blurt out the thousand possibilities that were running through my head as I talked to the stunning lady in the oh-so-romantic setting. Linda brought a new deal into the game, when I interviewed her at first, she asked that I redo the interview(you don’t have to know why she said so, do you?) and made me promise that at the end of her interview, she also gets to interview me. Perhaps that explains why I forgot to ask some questions, or perhaps I’m just giving excuses. Well, dear readers, enjoy;


Me; Elegeonye Linda, tell me about yourself.
Linda; I am Linda, just Linda. People that meet me for the first time and say Linda Ikeji, this is not funny at all. I’m 18, a small child but still an adult. I’m a christian , first of five children. I come from a, I wouldn’t say very strict home, home where discipline is ingrained. I’m a catholic and I attend mass every sunday. I’ve never attended any other church, my dad doesn’t like it.

Me; Do you think that is right?
Linda; It depends on your faith(I think I’d substitute that for fate, no offense.) I’ve been catholic all my life. I don’t believe other churches are wrong. I just can’t go to any other church. I’m comfortable in the catholic setting. A lot of people say catholic churches are boring; stand up, kneel down, count the rosary and stuff, it’s not boring. One thing I like about other churches is the fact that they sing hymns and all. I’m a vocalist, I sing and I’m big on ‘hymns and all’.

Me; Would you mind singing for me right now?
Linda; No way!(God why!!! #tears.) Okay, maybe one day.


Me; Linda, do you think you’re beautiful enough to be the beauty of the week? Bearing in mind the colossal number of beauties that constitute the faculty of law.
Linda; I’d like to use your words against you. It depends on the criteria and perspective in play. Obviously, I am beautiful and yes, I know I am beautiful enough to. Its an honour, but it still depends on the interviewer. Yes, there are many ladies who want to be…

Me; Really, what edge do you think you’ve over every other beauty here?
Linda; My faith 😜😜(Super-nova christians; by their words you shall know them.)

Me; Faith?
Linda; I know my kind of faith. I was like, the girls that have been the beauty of the week don’t have two heads, God please let him interview me too. And hey, you’re here doing exactly that. That is it basically.(I reserve my comments.)

Me; Why are you studying law?
Linda; Because law brings in cool cash(Am I the only one who is getting scared?) And because of justice too. I don’t want to sound too philosophical, but I’ve seen a lot of things and a lot of people and their rights being infringed on. For instance, the issue of rape. I’m a feminist, if you read my articles you’d easily construe that(Have you read any? This bae is extra-cool.)I believe in helping people, and since I didn’t go to science class and I can’t treat people and all…


Me; If your aim is stopping injustice and all, why law? Law only comes into play after the harm as been done. Or would you’ve people suffer first? Why not politics or, say NPF, law enforcement agencies?
Linda; I’m not politically inclined. Law enforcement? Do I look like someone that can be carrying guns around?(Well she does, doesn’t she?) I don’t want to end up by the roadside collecting twenty naira bribe.(Did you just construe what I construed?). I can’t stick with anything lower. Law is high, it is prestigious(yet again.)

Me; If not law, then what?
Linda; Masscomm. I like interviewing people, journalism, finding out facts. If possible, broadcasting. Just background work.

Me; Do you’ve an intention of doing both, law and masscomm that is?
Linda; Maybe. We can’t say for sure what tomorrow holds. God knows the best, but I decide what’s best for me.

Me; So God’s intention, or His best so to speak, might not be best for you?
Linda; It would. When you pray. You can’t know what God has in mind for you till you pray. For instance I might want to be a journalist and God should instruct me to be a fish-seller.

Me; Would you?
Linda; If thats what God wants for me.(Really? I’m kinda lost)

Me; Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time.
Linda; I see myself working in a big law firm. I haven’t decided what branch of law, but most likely oil and gas. Not because of the money oh.

Me; Of course not. Isn’t oil and gas the best branch of law for fighting injustice and protecting the interest of weak women?
Linda; No, I had a crush on someone who was into petroleum and stuffs. By the bye, I fell in love with the sector. But I said I’m not sure. (I smell a universe of rats)


Me; Your plans for kids?
Linda; Ten cute kids.(Mogbe!) God should give me the kids and the money(she laughs.) As strong as I am in faith, if I pray and God says; ´My daughter you’ve to be poor to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.´ I’d tell him to wait small and let me get rich first(Indeed, and she earlier claimed she’d be a fish-seller if God willed it).

Me; If you were to rate yourself as a christian, what would you rate yourself?
Linda; If you’d asked me this in year one, I’d have said 90%, but now I’d say 75%. She later changed that to 85%(I’m really losing it here.) First class citizen.

Me; So if you were to be given an option of either dying now and going directly to heaven or living longer and probably going to hell, which would you opt for?
Linda; Everybody wants to go to heaven, but I don’t want to die now.(Excuse me, do you listen to tuface?) I still have a lot of people to help, There is no way you can help people and still go to hell.

Me; You seem to think helping people would make all the difference.
Linda; Yes it would.

Me; What do you think about the faculty of law?
Linda; Faculty of law is cool.

Me; If you could change a thing in the faculty, what would you change?
Linda; Social stratrification amongst the students. Although I don’t know how to change it yet. I don’t believe anyone is higher than another. I believe in equity and equality.


Me; Is there anything you’d like to change about yourself if you could?
Linda; Yes. Having a selfless attitude is a good thing, but if you’re like me you could overdo it. I’d like to curtail my selflessness if I could.(As much as it seems she is proud, she isn’t. Or perhpas I’ve faith she isn’t.) I opt for people’s happiness over mine.(Well, in my very presence she refused to give neither Toluwanimi nor Bolaji Benson a stcik of biscuit. Absolute selflessness if you ask me.) I don’t like giving things that I’ve a passion for out.

Me; What do you love the most in faculty of law?
Linda; We’ve great people and astonishing talents. I thought I was good in singing till I saw Dolapo, class of ’19, singing and I was like; ose! Rihanna.(Dolapo I hope you’re reading this. Oh yes, she mentioned my name too. I seem to have a lot in common with her, perhaps canon, nvm.)

Me; Linda, do you think muslims can make heaven? Bearing in mind what you said earlier.
Linda; I’m not a fanatic. The question is very complicated. I think whether you make heaven or not depends on your person; your lifestyle. Its your lifestyle that would take you to heaven, or hell as it were. So yes, A muslim can go to heaven.

Me; How about traditional worshippers with ´good lifestyles´?
Linda; Traditional worshippers can figure themselves out. A lot of them do evil things to others. Even with a good lifestyle, traditional worshippers can’t go to heaven. They can stay in the middle; purgatory. Only ignorance make people remain traditional worshippers.(Colo-mentality.)

Me; If I’m an atheist, and I’ve the right lifestyle, can I make heaven? And jews nko?
Linda; I don’t think so, in fact you can’t. There is only one supreme being. It is the person’s business.(I’m sure y’all see what I’m seeing.) I don’t know about the jews.

Me; Linda, do you’ve a crush? Who?
Linda; Of course I do! Who doesn’t? But I don’t have a boyfriend, yet. Plainly because of personal choice. Like you(#grins), I’m goal oriented. I might be ready for a BF tomorrow.(Hey, the tomorrow isn’t figurative, so if like me…) My crush is Timi Oyewo!(God why!!!) I don’t know why I’ve a thing for forbidden things. He has never said ´Hi´ to me but I like him.(You get the gist? If you want her, stop greeting her. lobatan.) But he should start greeting me. Tell him to start talking to me, please. And I’m in love with his father.(The son is the crush, the father is the love?)

Me; Who’s your favourite lecturer?
Linda; I haven’t met all the lecturers, but for now Professor Oyewo. My love for him exceeds everyother person’s love for him. The day he told someone ´I love you´ in class, I imediately personalized it and muttered;Oh my God, I love you too.(Laughs)

Me; Your favourite course?
Linda; If I’m to be unbiased; contract(Someone finds cramming a thousand cases easy). Biased; Admin law and const law.

Me; Do you’ve any political ambition in Faculty of law?
Linda; In my chamber, yes. JOC!!!(You should’ve been there, about half the law students at love garden screamed JOC with her.) JOC is bae.(She claimed JOC is king! An abberration!!! TEC is king, no offense but I love my chamber too #grins)

Me; If you were to rate me based on all ramifications, what would you rate me over ten?
Linda; Mubarak likes to feel himself, he’s actually cool but he uses too many words for his gentlemanliness. So I’d give him six(Onoja Rejoice! I hope you heard that.)

We rounded off the interview with some chit-chats which I wouldn’t share with you, unless of course you… nvm. She told me about her ´stciky relationship´ in year one, but she no gree tell me who it was. She however told me that I’m an important and fascinating fish(Biko, when did we switch genders?) Well, as promised, she interviewed me after I did mine. You want the details of that? You want to know all about Dosunmu Agboola Mubarak, a chivalric perfect gentleman? Well, you’d just have to go to her blog. See you in a fortnight







WP 20151208 026 Dosunmu Agboola Mubarak a chivalric perfect gentleman with an astounding sense of humor and an astronomic sense of honor from the class of ’19, is a highly passionate young man. Popularly called Ladking, he believes he is a king in his own right and a lord in his hobby; writing.

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