It’s me. I was wondering if after all this days, we will still meet.
While the sun was rising today, I remembered things that have paraded the past, right there in UNILAG
I miss the busy activities in school. The bustling market that usually comes up in New Hall every night where the black, brown and yellow sell off themselves to some nonentities for three zeros at the back of one
I miss the chicken and chips her ATM brainwashed dude usually buys for my roomie every night. It’s all because we usually eat it together. He doesn’t even understand what love is.
I miss the classes we usually have. It’s not just the class per se, it’s the fun that it carries. You see lecturers sending girls wearing ‘’cross letter black and white’’ with a jean out of the class. Yet they still walk majestically outside to show how big they are. Too big to listen to lectures and have A1
I miss the pairs of the week and couples jostling around. Now I can’t see Naphtali and her girl walking across the architectural studio again.
I can’t see Verlos with his ‘’outside of law babe’’ sitting in the love garden again in the night.
I can’t see Tobolos and Jones cracking jokes out of public speaking and putting a smile on our faces after reading cases anymore.
I can’t even see my friend, my beautiful friend who has been crushing on Tobolos ever since her Direct Entry. Always talking about him like what I don’t know
I can’t even go for senate proceedings where the intellectuals deliberate on how to develop the faculty in every positive way possible.
I have missed my ‘House on the Rock’ Church and the love and care we share together with my brothers and sisters. I know you have missed yours too.
And I’v missed crushing on you. You don’t know this but I always watch how your eyes captivates the rising of the pleasure in my heart, The way you talk puts a smile always on my face and your walking step is just cool, You are very intelligent and brilliant. Sometimes I read because I want to be more than you. I wish you will allow me to rub your face with the lotion of passionate love and lay your feet at the cool river flowing with pleasure. I really wish to see you soon.
Now, the question that has been waiting for an answer since in my heart is ‘when are we resuming?

By Ikeoluwa Adetona


    1. Its creepy for one thing. The entire tone of it. Like something from a stalker waiting in a corner with his dick in one hand and a knife in the other. Frankly if a guy wrote this it would be seriously disturbing. But since its a girl, its just…senseless. Look at how it started, its me… Like a personal piece to an intimate. Then u go on to talk about crushes and verlos and tobolos. And Jones. Oh Tobolos twice. R u sure ur not d friend crushing on him? When u don’t sound creepy-stalky, u sound like a groupie, riding the dicks of the boys u think r d popular boys in d faculty.
      That would have been bad enough if u left it at that, incipid and creepy. But u go one to bring in this church, God, agape love thing into it there by making it even more confused and insane.
      Look at it, there’s house on the rock church, fellowship brothers and sisters and praise and godliness, then there’s u stalking verlos and his out of Unilag babe, (how did u know that anyway, n y so interested) there’s u stalking tobolos n ur friend(do u want him for urself?) And of course there’s ur own crush ur telling in the beginning of the writeup…’its me’
      Do u want to go to church or do u want to fuck? Pick a struggle.

      That’s just on the tone and mood.


      1. Then the language is almost totally incomprehensible.
        ‘I remembered things that have paraded the past,’ how do things parade the past pls?

        “The bustling market that usually comes up in New Hall every night where the black, brown and yellow sell off themselves to some nonentities for three zeros at the back of one.” I can’t even begin to decipher that. Pls tell me its not meaningless. U actually had something in mind u wanted to say. Y not just say it plainly? Instead of attempting to sound high and complex with uselessly contorting the English language? R u d female Samazing?

        “I miss the chicken and chips her ATM brainwashed dude usually buys for my roomie every night” pls what is ATM brainwashed dude? Does that mean he’s generous? How is one brainwashed by d ATM? I can’t even go on. Reading this once is enough. The Lss blog admin who posted it should be posted to the north pole. Or put to death. Pls grab a dictionary. Study every word carefull b4 u use it. Don’t try to put together any complex sentence structures till u have read a hundred books and know exactly how to do so. M not saying quit writing. Just learn how to do it b4 u do it. Thank you.


  1. ha..ha..ha..I can’t stop laughing guy…u r such a confused person…do u know what literary devices are?’how do things parade d past u ask…what a question…not all write-ups are direct…I control d pen dear


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