The Cyber-Tech Law Hub is an association to sensitise students of the University of Lagos about the benefits available for the Nigerian society via the synergy of the internet, technology and the law.
Who We Are: Legal Geeks. This is not because we are smart, fun loving or super cool people (okay maybe we are a little of all these, :p ) but as a result of our desire for knowledge and raising awareness on how the effective use of the cyber space, technology and the law can help our society.
Who can be a part of the Hub: Any person who uses the cyber space/technology, gadget-freaks, tech-lovers, social media addicts, or/and wants to learn something about the legal aspect of Information Communication Technology.

For more information follow us on – Twitter: @CyberTechLH , Instagram: @CyberTechLH
If you are interested in being a founding member of the Legal Geeks Team (i.e an official member of the Cyber-Tech Law Hub), please send us a mail or call: 07084267085.

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