This is a list of 15 girls in the faculty. 15 girls that stand out in their respective classes. 15 girls that strike the eye…and possibly the heart. 15 girls that we know you’ll like. 15 girls that we like already….and their fingers deserve rings. Whether they already have rings, we do not know, we do not care, we do not want to hear.
Some of them are single, some of them…well not so single. So we included the ‘if you dare’ category for the fingers that you’ll need to fight certain ‘people’ for, if you’re ever to put a ring on them.
So we give to you Faculty of Law’s ‘grab your copy now’ ladies: If You Like It, Put A Ring On It……….If you dare

Wunmi Olaleye: To kick off our list, we give you this beautiful thing, from the Class of ’20. It is no wonder that she was quickly spotted, though still in her 1st year, as our faculty boys are known to spare no one, in their ever present hunt for the one…or two…or three. She likes tall guys who know what they are about, and is a very confident lady. Approach her the next time you see her.


Pelumi Adigun: Cute, angelic, couth and refined have never defined any person more. With her seraphic face, and cherubic voice, she is bound to enthrall you for as long as you exchange with her. If you ever get this girl to tell you ‘I love you’, we guarantee it will be the best three words you will ever have heard. She likes discipline, and respectful men.


Mayowa Folami: True Faculty of Law members are bound to have heard this name somewhere before. If not for her fashion contributions to the blog, for her peculiar hair styles and unique dress sense. This dark skinned bombshell has a smile that is rumoured to have captured the attention of many a guy, including some of our really handsome ones on the Eligible Bachelors List. She loves photography, music, of course fashion, and guys who can remain in a relationship for longer than 2 years ( yeap, you heard her, so if you’re going in that direction, wear seatbelt).


We told you about the smile

Liking it so far… Don’t worry it gets more interesting

The Class of ’18 is replete with beauties, so many of them! (maybe we’ll take some time to do one of these for their class alone) Our next entry is from there…

Martha Abu: How she remains low-key is a mystery. Sources tell us she hardly spends any time outside the Library, or her hostel, or her fellowship…that would explain a lot. But one thing is certain, Martha is beautiful. Our guess is she likes fine boys who read a lot, and probably know how to tell a good joke. You’re going to have to do some real scouting if you’re to get this finger.



Obehi Ehiremhen: We don’t know why, but that name just sounds like it belongs to a fine girl. And since the Maker of the Universe is good, He assigned a fine girl to the name. By ‘fine’ we mean ‘intoxicatingly breathtaking’. Forgive us, we tend to get a little excited but gosh Obehi is fine (don’t worry, you’ll soon see the picture). We can tell you that this 5’4 black eyed beauty likes pasta and movies, especially old ones. She thinks basketball is cool and Salmon Rushdie is her favorite author. She cannot stand conceited people who are lousy and shallow…and she says the three go together. She likes tall, preferably dark guys. We encourage you to be handsome too. Dress well, speak good English, and be a little cocky. Whew, you’ve got a lot on your hands if you want this one, but she’s totally worth it!

We told you she's fine
...and it's not just in the face...

And now, the first of our ‘if you dare ladies’…You see, she’s a spinster alright, in the technical sense of the word, and she’s attractive too, so nothing is stopping you….is what we’d have loved to say (evil laughter)

Oreoluwa Akinosi is a walking piece of beauty, brains, sexiness, and everything today’s woman should have. She’s also a law student of the Class of ’18 so you can tell her future is bright. However… However, there’s just one teeny tiny tintini problem. She has a Microphone. That she has been known to be severely attached to. She carries it about everywhere she goes, talks to it, eats with it, studies with, and we want to believe, sleeps with it. Now we do not know what could possibly enchant such a lovely damsel as this about a microphone. But she has refused to give her time or love to any other thing but this MIC. Well, for one thing, she has become very popular because of it, and I do not think she’s likely to let go of it anytime soon, unless of course you can offer her much much more than a simple microphone can. The question is, can you?


Is that the Mic?

Now moving on from this weird girl and her Mic, the beautiful babes of the Class of ’17 are an absolute delight to behold. You know, when beauty, together with brains, mixes with an elegance and poise, that comes from 3 full years of experience in the faculty, the result is princesses that are; incredibly hard to get, when they want to play it well, and absolutely delightful once they’ve been gotten. Here we go…

Olamide Abe: this is a primarily intelligent lady, who is at home with herself, and with almost everyone around her. Everyone is Olamide’s friend, and she accommodates people quite easily. But do not take it for granted, or there might be trouble. She’s confident, a pleasure to talk with, intelligent(we said that before), and beautiful.


Tonye Alagoa: face it, you’ve had a crush on her before…we know, we know. It’s okay, it’s allowed…don’t feel bad about it,  that’s the effect she has on everyone. *whisper* we might even know of a few girls that have crushes on her too. The question is, why all the crushing? BECAUSE TONYE IS HOOOOOTTTTTT!!!! Hot hot hot hot hot, everything about her screams hot! We’ve not even been able to get past her hotness to find out who she is, what she likes, what kind of person she is: We don’t know…and we don’t want to know. We don’t want to get past the hotness, leave us here, we like it like that. Hoooooooootttttttttttttt.

See what we're saying?
See?! See?! Hot!!!!

Wura Fagbamiye: Need we say anything more than the name? The queen of the Class of ’17 by default is on every one of these lists. Even after she’s left school, served, worked, gotten married, made money, made babies, grown old, and died. It’s like Bafewa on the boys’ list. You just cannot take it away from her, Wura is the most beautiful something everywhere she goes. And have you heard her voice???!!! Hoh my lawd! Cheeses! No, forget Wura is an angel, in the most literal sense of the word. Rings eligible to be put on this finger must cost upwards of a million dollars… Then we can start talking.

Is this even right?
Did we say $1m? Make that $1b

And since boys are not smiling, this next one was snatched into the ‘if you dare’ category very early, and has been there for as long as we can remember

Adeshina Rolake: Yomi is a very pretty girl. She happens to have the kind of physique that makes you just want to hold her, and keep holding her…forever. Yomi is also the welfare secretary of the LSS. She possesses a heart ever so generous, has a flair for theatrics, and is known to dish out one of the most painful ‘abaras’ ever to exist. Whatever you do, don’t let Yomi beat you………………… Wait! Have we been calling her Yomi since? Sorry sorry sorry, we meant Rolake *wink*


That's Yomi, the one to the right 😒

And now, the owners of it all. The top echelon of our society. The crème de la crème…de la crème of the Faculty of law. The ones to die, and kill for. Getting any one of these to be interested in a conversation with you for longer than five minutes is a trophy in itself, talk less of putting a ring on it. For all intents and purposes, all of them are ‘if you dare’ level. Oh, and you do not have any business with their last names…find them, and change it to your own .
Good luck

Derin: Derin is an almost inaccessible person. She has been preparing for her project since year one, and has been too busy with important preoccupations to be stumbled on by just anybody. But by any stroke of luck, get close to her, and you will find that she is the most interesting of persons. She has interests ranging from photography, to meeting new people (odd right?), to cuisine and trying new foods, and movies. We can tell you for a fact that she appreciates God fearing, reasonable, responsible and supportive guys. Plix, if deez isnor your descripsan, don’t hivun boda hengaging her in any mannerlof discussan. She has been the welfare secretary of The Tax Club, and is an invaluable asset to all who have worked with her.


Olamide: even after reading this article, your chances of running into or meeting her are still zero. You have to pray. Just pray. Olamide is an incredibly docile and amiable person, with a voice that sounds like everybody’s mother. She is a skilled, professional photographer, and probably the best manifestion of ‘hidden, inner, secret, gentle, natural beauty’ you’ll find in the faculty… If you find her


The following three names are not your mates, or our mates…the upper two names are not your mates either …just thought to remind you

Motunrayo, Moyo, and Faith
Now how best does one begin to describe them, seeing as we have practically run out of English that can do them justice… Sigh, we’ll try
Where do we even start? Okay, the one you’re most likely to know
Tunrayo is a queen, literally. She was the Vice President of the LSS last session, and she lives somewhere we can only dream of living. Tunrayo is attractive, in a bedevilling way, because you cannot touch! You dare not. She is considerably friendly, and we have had the privilege of interviewing her on this blog before. Instrumental in every sphere she finds herself, Tunrayo works until the job is done… And then she finds more work. How she manages time for a laugh with friends, we do not know. To put a ring on this one, you have to be something else, or maybe have the same powers as Ore’s Mic. Still, it’s a free world, you can try.

Such power...

Moyo descended from Heaven to dwell among us. One of us was there when it happened, so we can testify. As a result of this, only one thing is needed to be known about her, or maybe two; 1. She is good. Just good, good in every way. Good at everything, good good good good good.
2. She has the best smile we’ve seen, we’ll show you soon enough
To put a ring on this one, honestly we know not what to do. We were kinda hoping you would find out and come tell us. So please, do tell

Best. smile. ever.

Faith: Faith is beautiful by some means we cannot fathom, and frankly we don’t want to. She wins every beauty contest that goes on, whether she participates in it or not….and she takes light skinned fineness to another level.
She is also a… In fact, nuff said.

Wow, it's like we're seeing her for the first time

So there you have it, a list of the faculty’s treasures, for your viewing, and chyking pleasure, go through, go through again, make up your mind, and remember…. If you like it, then put a ring on it.

From ‘Us’


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