It was the end of all her pain
But she was too feeble to know it
She just lay there
Impervious to the permeating cold
Oblivious of the deafening whispers and whimpers

Her fingers quivered
It was the best they could do
I guess her soul wanted to fight some more
I bet it
She was always the resilient one
Never took life’s beating on her back

She gasped in a wild tardy rhythm
Her eyes awkwardly fluttering
Never have there been more tired eyes
Never will there be more daunting sorrow
Written on a face that should be in its prime

Then it was over
It must have been faster than a Chinese train moving on a light rail
Pallor mortis
Algor mortis
Rigor mortis
Livor mortis
She was white
Then she was purple
Her toes went black
Like a slave from medieval India

Her mouth stood agape
Drooling some livid liquid
Like a blur through the corner of right eye
I must have seen a fly approach
That was when it dawned on me
And I lost it

I tried to mutter something
I don’t know what it was, but it was bitter
The room grew darker
My seat became colder
My hands trembled
My head pounded
I tried to swallow something

I saw faint images
Of her graceful gaze against the morning light
Of her giggle ever so child-like
Of her tenacious pose across from her piled desk
I see her dancing with vigour in our living room
I hear her amazing mocking voice saying-
“Relax, we’ve got decades ahead of us”

“It is over Mr. Bolarinwa. Time of death is 4:03am”
The words slowly sank in
I slowly eased back into the reality that was before me
The longest night ever was over
And with it, a nightmare that lasted many months
She was not to live through a machine anymore

It was the end of all her pain
It was the beginning of all my misery

A Grieving Heart

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  1. Wow! This piece has gone into my epic records. The images were running through my head. I could see it; I could feel it. It’d be nice to know who wrote this. 👌👌👌


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