Black Mask.

>They say black power minds befriend the devil wearing dark version ‘skin’
>The history of black is not lack
>Thoughts have been taught to see Africa as black and black as blur bedeviled and bewildered into imbecility. So the great offering offered us white masks in sealed plastic.
>Plastic content is now the plastic surgeon.
>No sooner than later the mask fades
>And leaves you with a distorted face ‘unworthy’ to behold
>Like the effect of Raid on insects.
>Rigid yet soft and succulent
>Never aging yet agelessly ageless
>Black is this among these
>Black doesn’t lack,it last longer
>Black isn’t ugly,
>Its the BEST definition of BEAUTY
>Its not suffering but OFFERING IN STRENGTH
>Black is not bizarre and blur
>Black is big,bold,bright and beautiful.
>Dedicated to bleaching brothers and sisters. Be proud of BLACK

By Marvellous Alonge

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