Spotlight on Oyinlola ‘Laylo’ Adesunkanmi

Finally the first semester exams are over and we can finally rest.
In the spirit of redeeming the column ‘Spotlight On’ where we basically interview interesting people in the faculty of law either creatives or just really cool people we would like to know more about….Today’s Spotlight is on a 500 level student, the past moot president and one of the most eligible bachelors in the faculty (hehe and my crush too).

Hi introduce yourself

Ok my name is Adesukanmi Oyinlola erm popularly known as Laylo yeah that’s what most people call me.

Ever held any post in the faculty

I was the past president of the mooting society.

What are your hobbies

Watching football and I don’t know…watching series, anything that makes me really laugh…that’s what I like doing.

If not law, what will you study

If not law erm probably can’t see myself doing anything but law to be honest or probably international relations but it’s quite remote.

So are you single?

(Laughs) I plead the fifth (Lol beht why na…we ladies are dying to know).

Any crush in the faculty

I have a crush on the person interviewing me (laughs)…(Aww I almost started blushing but then I recovered….liar liar).

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years

Well I have a passion for international relations you know erm international organisations, I just see myself in the next 10 years doing something in that line basically something UN or international wise, IMF or if as a lawyer I see myself practicing full time if I don’t do international relations.

If you had half a million, how would you double it in 24 hours

Hmm 24 hours is a short time erm (laughs) except you are going to gamble it or bet against the stock market or something but it’s quite a short time to double 500k, if the option was available to keep the 500k, I’ll rather keep it instead of doubling. (Don’t worry about that I’m an expert, just marry me I’ll triple it for you).

Philosophy in life

When you think everything is over…when you think everything is done with….just push forward and never give up and well you do what you want when you popping (I’m tempted to ask if he loves clubbing #justwondering).

Fashion wise..Are a casual or corporate guy

I prefer to be casual, it just gives me a lot of freedom but when I go corporate I kill it I slay (Lol! I can’t believe he actually said that…but it’s true though) but I prefer casual but given the circumstance of the profession I’m studying I do good in corporate.

Do you consider yourself as a spontaneous person

Yes I’m a very spontaneous person, very impulsive as a matter of fact so yes I’m spontaneous.

Would you go skydiving with me;)

I’ll go skydiving with you any time, one of the things I plan on doing so having a partner is good yipee! (Bruh I was joking o let’s change it na…maybe a date at a 5 star hotel #whatyasay *wink).

Who inspires you? Who do you aspire to be like?

Mark Zuckerberg basically he’s young and getting it errm at that young age I mean I’m 20 something and he started making it around that age so it just pushes me to work harder to pursue my dreams.

What is something you’ve always
wanted to try but have been too scared to?

Ermm what is that…well at the moment I do not recall.

What drives you to do what you do?
What motivates you?

The fear of failure to be honest….my parents, my family and just personal motivation. I have a dream I have a goal and everyday I wake up I have to push forward towards that dream and goal and even if you don’t get it, you get something closer….if you get something closer the world will still celebrate you….being the best at whatever I do, that’s my aspiration.

Lemonade or Anti (I just had to ask people)?

Anti…What is lemonade….don’t let those fanatics (sorry beyhive) hear me. I prefer Anti (lol another reason why we should totally get married #TeamRiri).

Is there a documentary or book that
really changed the way you thought
about something?

Larry King’s How To Talk To Anyone Anywhere Anytime. It’s a public speaking book yeah it changed my notion on public speaking, on how to speak in public and gave me a better insight on speaking in public at conferences like world economic forum, the Nmun…it gave me this edge that I didn’t have before.

Best Friends in the faculty

The president of the faculty,Wale Langa, Bidemi, Nwanchukwu, Shittu and I vibe with most people and (laughs) Mayowa too (Tah! I refuse to be friend zoned).

What do u think about the lss blog

It’s been in existence for about 5 years now.. and I think it has grown from where it used to be..the involvement of students in 100 and 200 level is laudable. It can only get better.

Thanks for the interview

You welcome (lol cos I can’t translate the look he gave me into words so I’ll write this down).

Ps We love your smile♡_♡






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