Are you a justice entrepreneur with an innovative idea that can truly bring access to justice?

The Justice Accelerator is looking for top justice innovations that will empower and strengthen both families and SMEs across Africa, the Middle East and Ukraine. In order to make the best solutions more impactful, we have up to €160,000 in acceleration funding available in 2016. The funding will be divided among the winners, who will continue to receive intensive expert support from our team.

We welcome applications for:

Family Justice Challenge:
innovations that deal with transitions and problems within the family, such as marriage- and separation procedures, inheritance, land and property rights, dispute resolution and domestic violence prevention.

SME Empowerment Challenge:
innovations that empower and equip SMEs with legal tools, such as IP protection, contract enforcement, commercial dispute resolution, business registration, customized legal information.  

The criteria for selection include innovations that are strictly justice related with an expected impact over the areas of focus. Innovations that are general legal tech solutions can also be submitted for our review but may not qualify for HiiL’s 2016 Challenge-competitions. The innovations must also have sustainability, scalability, create impact and be unique. Read how it works on our website.

Applying is possible before 30 June 2016, 23:59 CET


The challenge process includes shortlisting, online campaigning, wildcard-selection, crowdfunding and pitching in front of an international audience at the Innovating Justice Forum on 1-2 December in The Hague.


Do you have a justice innovation that can empower SMEs and/or families? Submit your innovation right away! Not a justice entrepreneur? No worries, kindly spread the word to your friends and networks.


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