Project Mic Man (MM70) is designed and geared to be “the Champions League of Public Speaking”i.e the most epic public speaking competition in the Faculty of Law. Yes, the longest spanning, most populated, most lucrative, most rewarding and most supercalifragilisticespialadocious public speaking competition EVER in the Faculty of Law. How so? In summary:-

A public speaking competition spanning 65 days (2 months) and15 different judges.64 Contestants (including 8invited contestants from 7 other faculties)FIFA World Cup style seeding, grouping and elimination (4 people per group)Theme/Topics- TBA2 weeks to the beginning of the competitionJudges: Men and Women of mercurial public speaking intelligence, ability, experience and/or insight, comprising Mic Men, Senior Students, Lecturers, Unilag Alumni etc.Prize: 70,000 Naira and a plethora of titles, opportunities, media exposure and benefits, oh and ______, and ______, aaaand __________!Departure: June 22nd 2016Arrival: August 2016Visa: #1,500Venue: CLASSIFIEDDate of closure: June 20th 2016Planet: EarthHosts: Check the bottom of this article

Still confused about the format?

How It all goes down:-

48 contestants grouped into 12 groups with 4 contestants in each group slug it out. The best speaker in each group qualifies to the next round. The 4 “best losers” also qualify to the next round, making a total of 16 moving to the next round. (ROUND 1)The 16 speakers then meet up with another set of 16 “seeded” speakers comprising 8 invited highly rated speakers from the Faculty of Law and 8 invited highly rated speakers from the 7 other faculties in UNILAG. Thus completing 32 speakers, who would be seeded and grouped into 8 groups with 4 contestants in each group with the top 2 speakers from each group qualifying for the Semi-Finals.(ROUND 2)The 16 Semi Finalists would then contest in one all-encompassing battle royale, with the top 6 speakers qualifying for the final.(SEMI FINAL)The top 6 speakers would then battle it out, from which 1 winner would emerge.(THE FINAL)

Now close your eyes, think earnestly about it, imagine the moment when they call out your name as the winner of Project Mic Man,  forget about the 70,000 Naira and plethora of other stuff, forget about the euphoria, the gratification, the booming celebratory champion music, the people lifting you up in the air (either physically or with their shouts of elation), forget about the aura that’ll envelope you, the cheers, the hugs and kisses, the sky-rocket in famzers, fans and popularity. Forget all that, just close your eyes and think, just think about the fact that you just beat 63 other people in a competition, 63 of the best public speakers in the University of Lagos. Sixty Three!!

How do you feel?




For more info and to get your forms(which are fast running out) :


Twitter: @TheMicrophone_

Call: 08180605748 or 08053106012

Whatsapp: 08028595010 or 08053106012

Ask: John Tobi (Year 4); Lillian (Year 4); Shalom (Year 3); Praise (Year 1) …. or Ore… or Tunrayo.

Fax: Fax? Really? Even We are not that esoteric.




Jones &Tobolos




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