How To Make Money 101

A lot of us love spending money in fact we love squander but have little or no knowledge on how actually ‘make’ money….you’ll rather rely on mummy and daddy or that rich uncle or aunty living on the island or abroad or that bae or boo you saved on your phone as maga or that sugar daddy your friend recently introduced you to anyway this is the era where it’s every man for himself and the earlier you know how to make and save money, the better for you. Making money is one thing and saving is another, today’s post is on how to make that money and get rich.

For those who are quite familiar with me, you’ll know I always preach about entrepreneurship and I strongly believe it’s the way forward in recent times so if you want to make money while studying as a student, this is just for you.


• Tap Into That Talent: Creativity is key and whether you have talent or just skills, the way you use is all that matters. Search yourself and find that thing you love and find easy to do either to help people with finances or make things or sing, dance, write or whatever just find that thing you are really good at and you are good to go.

• Turn Your Passion Into Business: Now this is my favourite part, it’s common knowledge I LOVE money and I’m the kind of person that’s probably chilling somewhere relaxing or sleeping and still cashing out because I didn’t pick what would stress me….note whatever you do will stress you at some point but there is stress and there is stress, I’ll rather be stressed counting cash and calculating who I’m delivering to tomorrow than stressing over hating what I do, the job I do to make money. In essence, after picking what you are passionate about and for those who don’t know, search yourself, research, find something you think you can be good at and easily do then that moment capitalise on it….think of how to turn it into a lucrative business, one that will bring home cash for example if you are good at different languages, think about setting up an online tutorial for those willing to learn or you have keen eyes for fashion probably especially certain merchandise like shirts and shoes, open a social media account for your online store, you don’t necessarily have to have a store which brings me to the next tip.

• Social Media Is Your Best Friend: Social media might be well a home breaker or relationship breaker or whatever you people who complain their lives get affected negatively because of social media but one thing I can attest to is that social media is good for business. Not only to put your business out there but also to create awareness and pick up huge sales. I have a footwear line and about 85% of my sales are from social media its like everyone there is just rich and waiting for someone to come help them spend their money. You don’t need to buy followers, just get a good amount and put up your business and don’t be too proud to ask a few friends to help put up on their social media accounts too, just create that buzz to drive sales.

• Learn About Business: Money is easy to spend but not so easy to make except illegally. You have to sweat and sometimes make the wrong choices that’s why you need to learn the dos and don’t, ways to make money, how to capitalise on your skills and how to save money. Saving money is very paramount and at some point when business is so good, you forget how it feels to be broke and squander money forgetting it could finish….if you not good with saving money, the best bet is finding someone trustworthy who can and keeping good account and of course having a good habit of prioritising, knowing what is necessary to spend money on and what’s not. Ps don’t feel too rich and squander money on random people or friends, they’ll probably laugh at you when you broke.

• Spend Money To Make Money: Yes people you have to spend money to make money so if you belong to the category of people who don’t have talent, find a skill either makeup, photography, bead making, event planning etc find an expert who can teach you very well you’ll probably have to pay but then it’s necessary and with time you’ll be your own boss and when start up your business, packaging matters a lot so you’ll probably have to spend money creating logo, fancy packs and some other stuffs to make your product desirable.

• Be Ready To Compete: Yeah it’s the competitive era where there are a lot of people doing the same thing, we probably have over a thousand makeup artists in lagos and some other work areas but basically enter your business with the mindset that you are probably not the only one doing this. There are competitions and you just have to find a way to stand out, be unique and create a name for yourself and ohhh don’t plagiarising or claiming to be or have done what you haven’t.

• Get To Work: Basically the summary of everything is find what you love or find easy doing, think about ways to turn it to a business maybe start writing scripts and selling to production houses anyway research about the business you want to go into, know the pros and cons then take your time to set things up and create a buzz on social media then get to work and in no time you’ll be cashing out (and when you do, don’t forget to send my 5% for the advice, like I said I LOVE money).

So this is it for today, for more tips which are probably more about fashion, visit my personal blog and you can follow me on ig @makeupbyziza .

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