Tis just amusing.

My day started strange enough. Mom woke us up exactly 4 a.m to eat Sari´h, but you know how sleeping for fifteen minutes more worms its way into hours? Well, that was exactly what would have happened had not Beejay woken me up 5 a.m, asking me to go and make indomie for the both of us. I got up, murmuring like a bee, I´d  hoped he´d have cooked already. Long story cut short, the indomie was half-way done when our gas-cooker gave out. The gas had finished! This, quite painfully, is why I had to fast with nothing but water. I decided to lie down a bit before going to mosque, I woke up 9 a.m
Fast forward to the evening, my eyes were really beginning to dance in their sockets, so I decided to watch a series a friend gisted me about last week. My U.C Browser downloaded season one episode one of dominion soon enough(Do you need to wonder? Of course I was using a WiFi connection). I opened it to hear the greatest blasphemy I´ve ever heard! With all the sobriety of an ardent teetotaler, the commentator(forgive my diction) declared that ¨God went missing!¨ Ninu awe!!! I decided to just go and read a tome or novel of some sort. My mind immediately went to Lusam the Dragonmage and I decided to google the pdf to read. Unfortunately, I couldn´t find the pdf version, so I was just surfing the internet and I started seeing reaaly strange books like the history of God by Karen Armstrong(Like really?), Princes of Darkness by By F. Wesley Schneider (THAT BOOK WAS DESCRIBING HELL LIKE… i DON´T KNOW.), THE SEVEN SERMONS TO THE DEAD WRITTEN BY BASILIDES IN ALEXANDRIA. Not to bore you, I think you already get the gist. I just turned to my music list and let the legendary Fela surf me away from my hunger, crazy people want to destroy my fast for me.
7 p.m had come and gone, I was free of the pangs of hunger and enjoying the sweet bliss of WhatsApp when I saw a particularly quaint BC. I mean, you´ve to hand it to the ¨Law class of 2020 squad awoo!!!¨ who ¨will show y´ll bulies what black ants can do¨ to us all. I´m so looking forward to the LSS games. The resurgence team decided to do its own with the ¨#civil war: Battle of the five armies.¨ The theme reminds one of the ´Niger delta avengers´ and the ´suicide squad.´ That said, it seems Marvel is having a 2-1 lead on DC. Anyway, I´m waiting for the group or event that would be styled ´the apocalypse.´ Well, perhaps I´m just so bored that I am assuming unamusing things amusing. Or maybe Arinola is rubbing off on me and I´m seeing a funny side to everything around me. Indulge me nonetheless.

Dosunmu Agboola Mubarak

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