This year, the Prof. Abiola Ojo Sports Festival promises to be an awesome display of talent of varying kinds. The LSS has designated this year’s theme as “CIVIL WAR” as a result of the fact that all competing teams reside within the same enclosure that is the Faculty of Law. Many have testified to the fact that it is quite difficult to identify an out and out favorite to lift this year’s trophy, and coupled with the testimonies of the brilliance of the Freshmen, it promises to be a battle of epic proportions. Without further a due, the Law Society presents


The 2016 Abiola Ojo Sports Festival will mark the very first entrance of the Class of 20 into the “LSS Games”. They, like all other freshmen before them would be looking to be the first ever Freshman class to lift the trophy, but like other freshmen before them, they face a steep task ahead in light of the circumstances that surround them. They have been dubbed the Antmen for the purpose of the CIVIL WAR, simply because they are the relative unknowns, they have little notoriety and only just recently came into connection with their powers, but just like Antman, they are extremely eager to show what their made of and defeat the big boys, and even so, have the capability to do so.
The Key Issue(s) For Determination: Can the Antmen spark a surprise and do what many before them have attempted before them but failed i.e the first set of Freshmen to lift the Abiola Ojo trophy?. They would have to struggle through the usual myriads of problems such as organizing themselves, knowing their best positions, FINANCES! Etc, but if they are able to overcome them, then everyone else better watch out. 2016 has served up Leicester City as a locus classicus for the assertion that it’s not by big name players, history or money, but fire, desire and belief is enough to shock the world. The Antmen also have the least knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. 
What they do have going for them though, is the fact that they seem to have a very solid midfield and decent defence. They also don’t seem to be fazed by anyone, and I don’t believe they regard themselves as underdogs. The freshmen were drawn against the Class of 18 in the recently concluded LSS Games Pre Season, where the match ended 1-1, and if the performances of players such as Ayo and Omio are anything to go by, then we may be in for the most competitive Abiola Ojo Sports Festival in recent history.
Coach: Jimi
Key Players: Omio, Semilore, Ayo

It is not a joking stuvvs!!!


    1. Of cause you don’t need to 😆
      Talking about defeat… I think you should allow Action to speak louder🙏
      To learn more…. Go on an excursion to an anthill💯🏆


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