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The Class of 19 entered the foray of LSS football, with a 4th place finish in last year’s edition of the competition. Some may look at that as a drab result, but there undoubtedly numerous positives to be taken out of the competition. Every team could testify to the fact that no match against this side was easy, and there’s also the fact that they defeated the Class of 16 in a sensational display. One thing they have going for them is their unpredictability, being the team being least played against by anyone else, it would be difficult to forge a compelling strategy against them. The Class of 19 have been dubbed the War Machines for the purpose of the CIVIL WAR for the fact that they brag the least out of everyone else, and channel all of their energy towards ensuring a job well done, while still being as dangerous as anybody around them.
The Key Issue For Determination:- Can the War Machines successfully incorporate the Diploma additions to their squad and imbibe a sense of unison and harmony in time for the competition. This is an issue that most commonly plagues sophomores in the LSS Games, but if conquered, then there may be very little that may able to stop these men from glory.
The Manager:- Coach Lawrence is highly respected by his team, he is also a general on the pitch, which lays more credence to his instructions when he issues them. Another, positive element in coach Lawrence’s arsenal is the fact that he is deeply positive, optimistic and encouraging, an d all and sundry can count on the fact that until the final whistle is blown, his team would not backdown.
3 Key Players
ID Lawrence:- Energy, passion, confidence and stamina. Lawrence is a midfield powerhouse, and is unrelenting on the pitch. His being on top form is pivotal to the Class of 19’s success at the tournament, and the fact that he is versatile in terms of the positions he can play, just makes matters better for his team. Lawrence broke into the Faculty of Law football team in his freshman year, and his mercurial performance for them at last year’s ULSU Games just goes to show his worth.
Omeiza: Hardly ever is a goalkeeper sighted as a key player, but Omeiza is brilliant, with calmness, reflexes to die for and brilliant shotstopping abilities, the likes of Qasim and Seyi Law would testify to the fact that the shot must be brilliantly taken for it to get passed this man. Omeiza also broke into the Faculty of Law squad in his freshman year, and it may not be too long before he becomes the Faculty’s No. 1.
Robert Odu:- Robert may prove to be the signing of the year. His addition to the Class of 19 from diploma has given a much needed boost to them and sharpened their fangs, as many have tesitified to his assuredness on the ball. Defenders and goalkeepers better take note.

The current World champions are called the German Machines. Does this mean anything for the Law class of 19??!!



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