Once Upon A Law Student

Would it be really weird if I said that I really cannot wait for this ‘holiday’ to be over?

If you think it is, I’m sure your opinion will change after this mini-rant I’m about to begin.

   Somehow somehow, it seems that my family has forgotten that I was born into it and not bought or hired or even adopted. I swear I have become the housegirl in this house! Seriously guys, no jokes! I can’t continue like this!
Can you imagine my mother, a typical Yoruba mother, being in the kitchen and calling, scratch that, SHOUTING for me, in my room, to come and give her milk, said milk being in the fridge right beside her! You can imagine the look on my face after sprinting from my room, where I had been sleeping happily, to the kitchen to see what had happened to my ‘dear’ mom, to make her shout so, only to discover that it was to pass the milk! As I stared at her incredulously, different thoughts were racing through my mind….. Should I sit on the floor and start crying? Pull my hair out? Bang my head against the wall? Break the T.V? Burn the house? Lol. I can joke about it now but at the time, it wasn’t in the least bit funny-_-.

    My sister has also developed the terrible habit of passing chores. She’s told to do something and she flippantly, and callously, says, ‘Oh Tee can do it.’ And I have learnt the hard way not to argue, though I cannot stop my eyes from trying to shoot her with nonexistent laser rays. The one time I did argue, my goodness! I was told the story of my life by my mom, loud enough for the neighbors to hear! And once my mom begins to ‘talk’, there’s no stopping her! She’ll go on for the rest of the day and continue where she left off the next morning, and five days after that in fact!
    This, coupled with the lack of light, and basically any fun thing to do, is enough for anyone to be tired of home. However, the last straw for me is that there is no food! As a renowned foodie, this is the part that gets to me the most. Everyone in the house goes to work early in the morning, barely grabbing a bite to eat before they leave, which leaves nothing for me to eat. Now, in their mind, by the time they get home, Tee would have cooked something. Ha! If I just hear! I go hungry, everyone goes hungry! Usually, provisions would be made for me and there would at least be noodles and plantain or frozen food to just warm in the microwave, but this holiday? Its like they just planned that I need to lose weight or something. To eat, I have to start cooking something complicated like rice or spaghetti or some other thing that takes more than five minutes to cook. If I’m lucky, there’ll be a measly piece of bread, but that’s it. Why is life unfair? Me, that I would normally eat 5 or 6 times a day, I now eat 2 or 3 times. Haba!
And then, when I’m at home, my mother doesn’t see the need to empower me financially. In her Ijebu mind, its only when somebody is in school that they used to give them money-_-. I can’t even *forget* to give this dear woman her change anymore… for where? Immediately I’m stepping into the house, what I’ll hear is ‘Change mi da?’ (Where is my change?) Even when there is no change! Even if the change is #10, mom c will say, ‘Even if it is 50 kobo, sha bami mu’ (sha give it to me).
     The Lord is my strength. Anyway, I guess it is my fault. When my mates are being useful to themselves and their future generations by doing internship, shebi its me that said I want to sit down at home and enjoy myself. Ehn, they’re kuku helping me to enjoy myself. *rme*

     I’m currently busy, preparing for the wedding of my sister-from-another-mother, where yours truly is going to be a bridesmaid! Whoop whoop! Chai…. but, low key, I’m getting old o. I remember the days when all I could be was a flower-girl and they would sew horrible bulky dresses that would be feeling like it was made of tiny needles. I so hated them, I cried everytime I put one on! Now homegirl is a bridesmaid. Soon I shall be a bri…….. *all these weddings are messing with my head!*

    Ehen! Something else I wanted to rant about! *Forgive me guys, I seem to be ranting a lot*
Books!  Now, I stopped reading romance novels at the age of 14, or 15. So, before I left school, one of my friends loaded my flash with a lot of novels, mostly romance. Since I was bored at home, I decided to revisit the romance genre of literature, so I started reading some of them. I’ve gone through about 8 of them since I’ve been home and I can unflinchingly say that all of them were daft! Like I would grade them with an F, F is even giving them hope sef! Normally, I do not like to criticize books because, as a writer, I believe that no piece of literature can be terrible. However, these books proved me very wrong. These books, if they can even be called that, are a shame to the word Romance! The books sound like what a bad Nollywood movie would sound like if it were to be put in writing! No coherence, bad grammar, no sense at all! If you think I’m being too much of a critic, when we resume school, I’ll gladly give you the books to read for yourself, then you’ll understand what I’m saying. When you’re reading, you’ll just be wondering if the characters are human beings or donkeys!
Romance is a very lovely genre of literature, however, there are some people out there trying to destroy it. In fact, go to Smashwords! You’ll see a lot of them there!

I’m done ranting now 😀
Now, on a serious note, you guys please take care of yourselves. So many terrible things are happening around us. The two Masters students that drowned, 17 girls missing…. Please take care. Be very watchful and try not to go out with strangers. The LSS Blog loves you all. And please, say a word of prayer for Nigeria.
Till I spill again. Peace and dopeness.

P.S. You guys!!! Please take a second to vote for Falzthebahdguy a.k.a. Sege of Jenifa’s Diaries for the best international act (or something like that) of the BET Awards. Just go on instagram, follow @bet_intl, and repost the picture of Falz there with the hashtag #iPickFalz! Thank you very plenty 😀


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