The Class of 18 has arguably the best squad out of all the teams participating in this year’s LSS Games, with an array of talent in varying quantities across all parts of the pitch. They defeated the then defending champions (Class of 15) 3-1 with a second choice team, as a show of their mettle skillset. Last year’s finalists even on a bad day, are very tough to play against. Kay and Valo huff and puff in midfield, speedy Russell terrorises on the flanks, Murphy ‘s physical presence up front is ever menacing, and the partnership of Tochukwu and Lanre in the defence is analogous to the 1996 England pairing of John Terry and sol Campbell. They literally stormed to the LSS Games Final last year, winning 4 matches out of 4, conceding only 2 goals before the Final. They have been dubbed the Winter Soldiers for the purpose of the CIVIL WAR, for the simple fact that they are somewhat infamous. The 2015 LSS Games ended in less than savoury circumstances, with many of the blaming fingers pointed in their direction. This status coupled with their ruthless approach to finishing off opponents on the field has landed them with Bucky Barnes’ moniker.
The Key Issue For Determination:-
Will the tag of being the team to beat/favorites so early on in their LSS Games voyage prove to be as much a detraction to them as it did to the Class of 16 in 2014?. Being the ones everyone is looking to defeat often either breeds crippling complacency, invites tough tackling from other teams and/or causes the team to buckle under pressure. If the Class of 18 is able to go about the competition in a business as usual manner, then they are unlikely to come off the hinges.
The Manager:- Coach Jerry Owolabi is an animated character on the pitch, constantly sending out instructions to his players and invariably keeping them on high alert at all times. He more than other coaches, greatly utilizes his second in command (Bolaji Oguntolu), and as the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”.
3 Key Players
Kay:- Kay is the midfield talisman of the Class of 18 team. His ball control, distribution, and footballing brain, always set him apart from the rest of the pack when teams go to battle. Being his team’s go-to-guy to calm and control the game in their favour, you can expect Kay to be heavily marked by the opposition on most occasions. The 2015 LSS Games witnessed a Kay that wasn’t as dominant or explosive as expected, but he added another facet to his skillset that also wasn’t expected….GOALS, GOALS, GOALS. Kay is a prima facie contender for the Player of the Year Award.
Murphy Darlington:- Last year’s revelation of the tournament and top goal scorer, Murphy’s explosiveness was unexpected to say the least. The Centre Forward’s presence in front of goal is a chilling sight for most opposition defences, and is sure to be looking to repeat his feats at this year’s competition, being his team’s main golascoring outlet.
Tochukwu Anosike:- While most may look up front, the presence of Tochukwu crowns the fact that the Class of 18’s strength lies in its spine, and with Tochukwu there, opposition strikers would have to be on their best behavior in order to get anything but broken hearts at the end of the match.


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