The Class of 17 are arguably more of a team than any other team in this year’s competition, they’ve evolved from a team to a family, and the love, trust and respect that they have for each other, though incorporeal, is the singular biggest weapon in their arsenal. After two disappointing outings, the Class of 17 trudged to the final of the 2015 edition of the Abiola Ojo Sports Festival, and were literally seconds away from victory until unfortunate circumstances occurred. They may view themselves as others do, as defacto champions, but the insipid truth is that they are technically not dejure champions, hence their journey cannot be said to have been completed. They have been dubbed The Black Panthers for the purpose of the CIVIL WAR, because they had their dreams dashed right before their eyes when the 2015 Final was called off, and this emotional injury has set them on a path of retribution to not just bring out never before seen skills, to show they belong in the big leagues and of course, to capture and defeat the Winter Soldier.
The Key Issue For Determination:- Every year, the Black Panthers seem to lose a pivotal attacking outlet. After 2013 they lost Abidemi, after 2014 they lost Peter, and now after 2015 they’ve lost Posi a.k.a Raumdeuter. This begs the question, is it possible for the 2015 finalists to go far or even win this year’s competition without Posi, who was an integral part to their attacking menace. This is the 4th competition that the Class of 17 would be participating in, and they’re still yet to find and identify an out and out goal scorer to win the match for them when the stakes are high. In fact, none of the aforementioned players filled this role, and this has proven to be their Achilles heel over the years. Qasim, Tobolos, Macho, Seyi, et al. will always ensure that many chances are created, but then the conversion rate has been poor.
The Manager:- Coach Soso, is probably the most tactics sensitive coach of all his counterparts, with the study of the ability and style of the opposition often determining the way his team would set out. One element of his game that doesn’t change though is that he is in no way conservative, and as such loves to play attacking football, often deploying 3 Forwards. Help from the team’s trainer Qasim, would also ensure that the team is in tip top shape for the games.
3 Key Players
John “Macho” Tobi:- Captain John Tobi is undoubtedly the most gallant pillar in the Class of 17 team. He has played practically every single position for his team with the exception of goalkeeper. Last time out, he was deployed as a winger by Coach Soso, and this reaped rewards as Macho scored and assisted whilst wreaking havoc in every match that he played. Macho has hardly ever had a mediocre game, and if he can stay fit for most of the competition, then not even a Dothraki army would be able to stop this marauding general.
Qasim Ogunjimi:- Without a shadow of a doubt, the most complete athlete in the Faculty of Law, and joint claimant with Class of 18’s Kay’s claim to being the best no. 10 in the Faculty, Qasim is a serious handful to be dealt with. Strength on the ball, an acute footballing mind, crystal passing range and being a goal outlet for his team, Qasim is definitely not one to be given space to operate, or else one does so at his peril. Strangely enough, Qasim is yet to score in the Abiola Ojo Sports Festival, and would be looking to remedy this anomaly this year.
Seyi Law:- Seyi is undoubtedly the best winger in the Faculty of Law at the moment, and his skill set has made him a surreal threat everytime his team goes to battle. Loads of pace, crazy skill (he is very skillful), heading power/accuracy and a good shot, makes Seyi one of the most likely players to score in this year’s Sports Festival, and all those who stand in his way of a goal, better take note.


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