There was a sudden burst of light, from all the darkness, from all the noise. It was overwhelming, it was heaven. It was her.
I noticed her shoes first, fiery red. Glossy. Her beautiful legs rest perfectly in the 4 inch heels I bought her for our one year anniversary. I gradually looked up noticing everything thing about her. Soaking her whole being into my person, I could smell her now. Her perfume danced around my nose as I breathe her in. she seemed so beautiful. i didn’t have to look at her face to know, she was always beautiful. Her legs reaching on like it went forever. Her dress started just above her knee, classy but still suggestive. The dress she wore was just as red as her shoes. With her curves sitting well in the dress, her hips more pronounced. I continued my journey on her body, she wasn’t so big, she was about 5’6, perfect to the teeth, but somehow I seemed to be on that journey for hours. I gradually got closer to her bust, with my keen eyes noticing every curve her bust created, her bust were just like her, not so big, but perfect.

Her neck was short and somewhere between lean and thick that made it seem somewhat perfect. Her face. Oh my God, her face. Her face was the chorus of a thousand angels, her butt chin was surprisingly beautiful (everything about her was beautiful, or I was just a biased party), id kiss her right on it. Her lips perfectly arched, with the lower lip lighter the upper, they were not thick, but full, such that when they were in your mouth you thought of nothing else but her lips. Her nose sat proudly above her lips, she had a very tiny nose, I thought it was cute but she hated it. I couldn’t wait till my eyes met hers; this was my favourite part of her body, her big sincere eyes like wildfire burning through my soul and my being. With her long weave packed back in a ponytail, she looked so elegant, beautiful and I worshiped the ground below her feet. I stared at her with utmost focus, alone with my thoughts as I looked at her like it was the first time I had ever seen her and the last time I ever would. Behind her was a heavy suitcase, on seeing this my heart broke and I remembered why I was here, waiting in the airport.
I rushed to her, to help with her bags. She grabbed me and we hugged. An embrace I never wanted to end. She looked at me with teary eyes and said only I would get to the airport before the person who was travelling. We both laughed. But there was something different about this laugh. It echoed in my ears and I knew she wasn’t at peace. We had been avoiding “the talk” ever since I heard she was relocating abroad for her masters. With this probably being the last time I’d see her for another two years, my mind jogged back. Jogged back to when we first met.
We met exactly 710 days ago and yes i had been counting. It was just another regular day for me. Got out of bed around ten (since ASUU had rendered me jobless for about two months then), ate my cornflakes, and then just sat down to watch TV. My dad who had been watching me for about a week waltz out of his room. I’m shocked because I expected him to be at work, I give him a warm embrace and a pat on the back. The man then sat down and watched TV with me. After about 30 awkward minutes, he starts to talk about a leadership conference my church organised and how he had enrolled me in it. I had no idea fate was about to let me meet my soul mate but i reluctantly went for it.
On The second day, I tried to listen in that class, the pastor was making sense so I was giving him his amens when he asked for them. During break I went to queue to get my lunch; I was already in front of this long ass line when I discovered my wallet wasn’t with me, the embarrassment. On my way back to my seat where I suffered in silence, that’s when I saw her. Pretty girl in a white gown, I have never seen anything or anyone more beautiful, dark skinned, short, well compared to me because I’m freakishly tall, long weave on her head, God bless the ground under her feet. I stood; about to approach her but my nerves failed me.
It was the third day of the program; I was running a bit late so I couldn’t sit in my usual spot.  I came in with a group of people, who came together, when we were being seated, I somehow got in the middle of them. After settling down, the guy by my side taps me and asks if I could move to the extreme as he wanted to sit with his friends, I reluctantly stood up and moved. After all that stress again, I settled into the new seat not minding who was close to me, not wanting to interact with anyone that day. The pastor obviously had another plan, he then told us to ask our neighbours, he said,  “say neighbour  how old are you” , so I did, I looked to my left and guess who I saw, the girl in white, only this time she was wearing blue. Lord, she even look more stunning up close, my mind had totally travelled to the naming ceremony of our first child (I can’t help it, I’m a hopeless romantic) there was an initial squabble about her age, after that was settled we got talking. From there, we just really clicked, and we spent the whole of the class laughing at my jokes and stories. For some reason she found me interesting and funny.
The fourth day had come and we had just one more day for the programme, I got there early as usual, sat in the front, and thought about the girl I met the day before, I then realised I had nothing to call her, I didn’t ask her name or number. How could I have been so stupid? I almost cried. I searched for four hours, I had never been so desperate to see anyone again. As fate would have it, she found me. I got to know her name. She was from delta. You know these delta girls and their unspoken charm, she had the best teeth I had seen in my whole years on earth. Like half way into the first class, this boy looks back because she had been laughing throughout. He looks at us, we smile, then he asks, “How long have you two been dating”, looking specifically at her. She says we weren’t together and we had only just met the day before shyly with her face so red, for some odd reason it hurt. He tried to set her p right in front of me. Imagine. Boys are rude. However because I serve a living God, he had an asthma attack and we were left alone again.
On the last day of the program, I didn’t want to say goodbye. I got to the venue earlier than she did, reserved a seat for her beside me. An hour later she hadn’t shown up, out of panic thinking she had bailed on me, I called her to ask where she was. She replied saying she was o the last row of seats and she had also reserved a seat for me. I stand up from my seat smiling and go to meet her. I didn’t want whatever it was we had to end, I had loved her during the little time we spent and I have loved her more everyday since then.
And ever since then we hung out, talked, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. After a couple of months when I was sure of how I felt, I told her and asked her out. She just smiled there and asked, “What took you so long”. We enjoyed intimacy that even some married couples didn’t have, I got to meet her family, her whole extended family, and she got to meet mine. We were like star crossed lovers and we were compared to Romeo and Juliet, well without the depressing end (or so I thought). She was my everything, my queen and I was her knight.
I hear her flight being announced on the speaker bringing me back to reality. She was to board the plane in 30 minutes. She looked at me, her eyes begging me to tell her to stay. I wanted to, but I couldn’t, she had to go. It was a necessary evil. I bent down to kiss her goodbye but I couldn’t. I wasn’t ready to have our last kiss. All I wanted to do was ensure her that she was safe, that we’d be alright, that id be waiting right there when she got back, to reassure her that I’d never love anyone apart from her. I couldn’t even, for I was emotionally invested in her. She really had to go now, and she whispered in my ears and said I love you. The most sincere words I had ever heard. We dragged her luggage to the boarding station, I watched her from afar, and she looked back and just smiled and waved and from her eyes poured a stream of emotion, Tears rolled out that day and my heart was left broken.
As I walked back to the car, it hit me. She was to be gone for almost two years, what was I going to do. I got into the car, put the key into the ignition and just stared. Not going anywhere, I just stared. And before I knew it, I was overwhelmed with emotions and I broke down. I cried. I never understood how love worked, all I knew was my soul was intertwined with hers and everything in my being yearned for her warm embrace, for her smile, for he quirky remarks. In the confines of my car where my emotions took the best of me I realized she was my greatest love and my heart wasn’t mine anymore. For it had become entirely hers. I wanted to rush out. But she was gone. So i stayed there with my thoughts and I’ve been lonely ever since

Bafewa Sanni

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