It’s been a while since I posted anything on here…I know, I missed me too. Quite seriously though, I want to ” briefly” run you through what Law has been like for me, so far….
I should start with my freshman year. That year was just full of partying, scouting for babes at New Hall, vodka, disturbing the peace, and vodka, oh, did I mention vodka? So, yeah I had my first F. But bleak as it seemed, my first semester results were fair. Against all odds, things improved in year two, like I was surprised sef, and I had the illusion that it’d always be like that. Then, I entered year 3 (ghen ghen), and then I was made to realise that no matter how smart you think you are, in Law, you can be the real olodo…I must confess, the whole Lombroso parole never really stuck, but at least, I got as much as I could into my head. You see, the problem with this Law ehn, isn’t that you’re dumb, it’s that somehow, what you think you wrote isn’t what the examiner wants…I’m positive that a lot of us would perform better if exams were oral, or something… Criminal law questions be like “Buhari and Muhammad Ali were on a plane, the next day, Ali died. Donald Trump has come to you for advice. Discuss how Stephen Keshi should be buried” and they’ll be looking for A’s. You’ll empty your intellectual watering can on the seeds of law courses, and few will germinate. You’ll na be seeing E, F, C, C on noticeboard. With all the reading and stuff, it seems “Library o jawo mo”. It is well oh, shout out to all the lecturers who made last semester the way it was. I hope this semester is much better than the last, for everyone. #iStillLoveLaw.

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  1. LOL!
    Makes me remember the days I sat Land Law and Equity. I was just too confident I’d have As or Bs in those courses. When I saw E and D, I knew the Devil was very much alive.


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