Name: Raymond Sylva-Oriji
Level: 300
Article, Title: The Pendulum

I remember that time, that ss1 time, when science or arts was the reigning subject. The struggle ehn, to pick one and remain there, was amusing. One Mercy, short girl like this, she had a desk in each class, just in case she felt in the mood for Literature by 11a.m, then Chemistry by 1p.m.
Even I was indecisive. Very. Unbeknown to me that I will still study law, I remember going for one Physics class where I saw the pendulum. That thing amazed me, the movement, the sway, the subsequent calm. No matter how much the naive students pushed it left and right, it ALWAYS came back to it’s centre, it’s focus, as if mocking their futile attempts to derail it.
Ehen, coming back to our faculty sef, how far results? My own ehn, it was not so bad o, but then it was disappointing. You know when you starch everything, from your shirt to your shoe, you swerve through traffic, and then, at the wedding, they say jollof has finished? That kind of disappointing. Then to make it worse, my Engineering peers will now be complaining that the B they’re getting is ruining their GP. Ahn ahn. B? If I get all Bs in Law, I will even go and ask the lecturers to remark o, because it’s probable that something went wrong.
Kai, LAW. Almighty LAW. And I hear we’ve not even started, that it gets harder as we go higher. Thinking back to that pendulum time, I sometimes wish I had stuck to sodium monoxide, F = MA and dy/dx. It’s really annoying o, like C is now the new A. They will be using somebody’s future to play lawn tennis. How will I even tell my father? My new response to ‘How was your result?’ is ‘sigh, my brother, thank God it was not F’. Sincerely, I’m tired.
So, before this thing becomes unbearably long, let me round up. Even if we, the reputed lawyers cannot study Chemistry and Physics, I pray us to make like the pendulum. Amidst all the turmoil and seemingly futile long hours in the library, be still. Be firm. Like the pendulum, find your gravity, let it help you stay on track. The lectures, lecturers, books will frustrate you, but find your place, and little by little, like the pendulum, you will finally be still. There will finally be peace.
Oya, please come and be going. Let me not waste your time. Me? I’m going to the library – that CGPA must rise. As the semester unfolds, I wish you peace, and just like our Mockingjay people used to say, MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR.

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