By Oluwamayowa Akinyemi
So, about two days ago, I saw the very disturbing video of two police officers who obviously while trying to arrest a man in the person of #AltonSterling, shot him fatally in the process of pinning him down.
Now, I have had the opportunity of weighing opinions of a variety of people, black, white, and others, and what the majority of them are saying is that the shooting resulted from the stereotype that has been attached to black people as being “animals” and therefore dangerous, I want to believe that is true because some black people are actually to blame for certain criminal acts in the U.S. But let me also tell you, there’s nothing more dangerous than a society where the armed police goes about with the belief that every black man they see is a potential madman. Take it, or leave it. The government keeps fighting terrorism without seeing the inherent terror that comprises the majority of their police force(s). Someone tried to give an excuse for the killing by saying Mr. Sterling was probably going for his gun, so I ask, why not shoot his arm? Or leg? Why shoot to kill???
We’ve had Selma, we’ve had Ferguson, how many more must we witness before sanity comes into the system???????? #NoToMadPeople #AltonDidntHaveToDie

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