Hello. It’s me. I’m not one person in particular. I’m the voice of several pained members of the class of ’18. Members of a class that’s been labelled the Animals of the Faculty. A class that hustled from losing the first match against their nemesis to making it to the finals to meet the same team. The class who on Wednesday night was (obviously politically) removed from the final on Friday.
Now, everyone probably knows this, so, I won’t dwell too much, just the highlights: on Monday, during the match between year 3 and year 5, a fight ensued between the two teams, everything scattered, it was like a repeat of last year’s finals. Threats were made, body contact was made, some security men were even involved, but it wasn’t so large scale. Of course, nobody remembered the (unwritten) rule that if there was a fight, the parties involved would be penalised, in this case, three points would be deducted.
The problem I have with this whole issue is the fact that the Monday fight wasn’t the only fight of the competition, but because it was year 3, the hooligans, that fought, the matter went far. The body which was instituted to look into and take care of this sort of thing was sidelined in the decision making process, just a select few, and some team coaches were present at the referendum on Wednesday.
It is unclear to me exactly how a thing of such manner could obtain in a faculty like ours. I’m of the opinion that certain members of the committee in charge of organising the games, with ulterior motives, had intentionally manipulated the course of events to favour a set of people. No long yarning, those who get the point get it. I was even hearing that year 2 was actually upset because they initially didn’t want to play the match at that- really??? I’m seriously disappointed in the turn of events really, because if it wasn’t that some people were abusing power, this matter would’ve been taken care of differently, and long before Wednesday evening. I’m also of the opinion that if the results of Monday’s match had been any different, this matter wouldn’t be so loud, but as I said, someone somewhere is wielding power.
Conclusively, I think the bias against the class of ’18 has finally revealed itself, just like smoke can’t be hidden for long. The truth is that the people in power are expecting year 3 students to actually fight, to scatter the finals, to wreak havoc, but no, we won’t, we’re just gonna sit back and watch as events unfold. Common said in a song that the greatest weapon is to stay peaceful. And that’s what we’re gonna do.

By Oluwamayowa Akinyemi 


    1. Your inchoate article reeks of misplaced priorities….. your class only get touchy on matters concerning extracurricular activities. I bet you forgot the population of your class….while few of your colleagues are deeply engrossed in their books at the library. You and your cronies are forming thuggery at the Sports centre. I might be coming across mean and blunt, but let’s call a spade a spade…..your people need some sort of mental ‘re-engineering…sober reflect on the fact that only 200 of y’all will be eligible for Law School and quiting ranting over a game of football. Allow me to reiterate ….SORT OUT YOUR PRIORITIES ….your mates are posting intellectual works here, here you are crying foul over nothing .

      Chief Obafemi Awolowo was quoted to have said, “the heights that great men attained were not attained by sudden flight but while their companions slept they burnt the midnight candle….Take a cue.


  1. @Blunt talker, sorry you feel so strongly about the matter. For the record, I wasn’t forming thuggery. I’ve said what I wanted to say. So, your banter is quite extraneous. And, if you’re gonna be using big words, you might need to think through before posting, and proof read too, most of your words are contextually out of place.
    P.S. Search my name on the blog, and see what I write.


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