Heeelllloooooo beautiful people of the prestigious Faculty of Law. We
have an interesting something for you on this exclusive edition of our
vox-pop. It’s not new that we claim to get far beyond what we expected
after working effortlessly and breaking sweats just so we don’t fail.
Our results. They have seemed discouraging. Very very. But what can we
do? Sugar don enter garri. Na to drink am remain. However, the
“elders” in the faculty have been consulted as to what else can be
done aside drinking sniper or jumping into the lagoon. The heads of
chambers and associations in the faculty were approached, and they
gave their widow’s mite:

ABANG, the HOC, ESO CHAMBERS: Ok, personally I feel your results have
nothing to do with the officies you occupy, because many people that
do not participate in school politics still go home with bags of f’s,
and many that hold offices are on first class or a good 2-1. So my
answer to your question is that if I see I’m not doing well
academically I do what other regular students do.. put more effort.
Results can be discouraging. Very very. Just keep pushing. Well, it’s
the only thing that can be done. .. right? But if i feel i understand
the law and the applications and the results are still bad, , then the
next step is to see my course adviser or a really good student because
I may not be writing it the way the lecturer wants,, and man cannot
come and go and fail like that 😂

AKOREDE, the COORDINATOR, NAMLAS: At the risk of sounding like a bad
guy, that happens less than often. And when it does you don’t give up,
because you can’t actually afford to, no matter your level. What
matters is what you have upstairs. You only quit if the interest was
never there. When you are interested in something, it will help in
easing the difficulty that comes with the course. Results can be
discouraging. Very very. But it gets easier when you know your
mistakes and your performances improve. The feeling when your efforts
match your result is the best you can get. Keep your head up. Giving
up is not an option now. Except you didn’t want to be here in the
first place.

So! The easy choice is to give up and just let things play out the way
it will, but i consider that losing sight of the big picture or
failing to have a big picture mentality. In the long run, i do not
think the world is for those that got the first class or that were the
best in class, its actually for those that know the most. And the
people that know the most are those that have learned the most. People
certainly do not achieve that feat by giving up when they fail. As
much as we all want to read and pass and perhaps graduate with a first
class. It’ll be an oversight on our path if we fail to realise that
the essence of education and being in school in the first place is so
that we can learn, and the fact that we do not have the A parallel we
expect should not stop us from doing just that…Learning.
We can look at it in another way, that is ‘if i cannot achieve a first
class, then i want to get as close to it as possible and in the end i
know I have done my best. That’s certainly not going to happen if we
give up.
Most of the time we work really hard towards preparing for the exams,
the only explanation for us not performing up to par is perhaps not
that we had not worked hard enough but that we had not worked smart.
So!! Give up or continue trying. I say continue being the version of
your self you can possibly be!

IBRAHIM, the HOC, OPUTA CHAMBERS: Definitely i won’t give up because
no matter how good I feel I did, the truth is I can always do better
and its not yet my best. The point is the five years which I can use
to get a better cgpa is not up. Only in final year 2nd semester end
does my opportunity end.

EFE, the ADR PRESIDENT : First of all, I’ll Like to start my brief
statement with this: Exam isn’t always a true test of knowledge.
Nonetheless , failure isn’t when you don’t do well in exams, rather
it’s the occurrence of the latter, with no interest to fight back. The
fact that you’re still standing is a fighting chance you can still do
well, don’t give up. Faculty of law is complicated, choose electives
wisely and fall in love with your courses. For every course, put
yourself in the position of a practitioner in that field. See yourself
charting a contract, being a criminal lawyer or better still defending
an oppressed woman. These things help even in exams. But most
importantly, the knowledge gained is invaluable anytime any day.

TENI, the PRESIDENT, MARITIME FORUM : Basically, maybe we shouldn’t
put so much pressure on our academics with the sole intention of
passing exams. Most times we read, read, read just for exams,
invariably putting ourselves under so much pressure. Relax, but don’t
relax too much. Academics isn’t the only thing, gain other basic
experiences alongside the books. Then, it’s Imperative you choose your
electives wisely, and have the capacity to categorize possible areas
of concentrations. Learn to answer law questions and most importantly

YODE, the PRESIDENT, OIL AND GAS : Well, the thing is; there’s
actually nothing you can do about it. It has passed, but you can
always work harder. Know your faults and it’s pertinent you know what
to do, to remedy the past mistakes made.

BOYIN, the HOC, TEC : It can be very frustrating to experience certain
setbacks in certain areas of our lives, and it’s impossible for one
not to be fed up. I’ve Had similar experiences and it’s Very painful,
but What can you do? Okay, honestly, you have the right to express
all of the pains -cry out the sorrows, and wipe those tears when
you’re done crying. Next, you get yourself actively involved in your
courses, like them, enjoy them. After which you can endeavor to teach
others as this boosts your confidence in those courses and also helps
you to decipher whether or not your knowledge in such courses are
adequate. Most importantly, trust God, get him involved and hold on to
His words, they’ll Keep you going.

TAYO, the HOC, GANI: Personally in the faculty I’ve experienced my
own setbacks which I’m not so proud of one so ashamed of. However, I
go back to do an internal research, learn from my mistakes.
Determination, I believe is very important. Whatever the situation you
can still make things better. There’s Time to make it better and most
importantly trust God.

KOREDE, the COORDINATOR , CLASFON: Basically, as believers, we
actually know that Christ is a man of faith, thus it’s Imperative that
the responses we give to our result should be that of faith. Your
response should be that of faith, and besides quitting isn’t of faith
in itself, especially when it’s out of fear or discouragement. The
crux however, is that it’s time to stand on ur faith, for this is the
victory that overcomes the world .

DIVINE, the COORDINATOR, LEX MUSICAL: Basically, with my few years in
the faculty, It’s not been a really smooth journey for me. It’s
imperative to know that the faculty of law, unlike any other is aimed
at bringing out the best students can offer. I believe personally that
law students have a whole lot to offer, even beyond what their grades
offer. Results may not be so good for some people. Yet I don’t believe
that’s a reason to give up on what You can offer. You have a whole
deal of intelligence and creativity in all to offer.

Finally, the head of all heads in the faculty also had something to say.
WALE, the LSS PRESIDENT: A seed cannot grow when it is planted on hard
ground. The soil has to be fertile. You cannot expect to read 23 out
of 24 hours and get a good result when your soil is not ‘fertile.’
Fertility in this context means “are you doing the right thing?” Do
you know your strength in reading? Do you write in class effectively?
Do you even come to class? So, ensure you get important materials.
Read well. If you’re a night reader, ensure you read well too. Attend
classes, jot down important points (be a stenographer). Engage your
lecturers and seniors, they’ll help you in answering questions. All
these with feverent prayers will help you to achieve success. Don’t
give up. Keep pushing.

So, there you have it beautiful people, our “elders” have spoken. It’s
left to you to decide whether to give up or keep pushing. You know
what they say about what iron goes through before it becomes gold? The
ball is in your court.

<a href=’http://postimage.org/&#8217; target=’_blank’><img src=’http://s22.postimg.org/4eny6cw8d/IMG_20160120_WA0001.jpg&#8217; border=’0′ alt=”IMG 20160120 WA0001″ /></a>  Taiwo Famakinde is a member of the Law class of ’19. She is a fun loving writer who likes to conduct interviews and vox pops (sampling people’s opinions on a particular issue). She enjoys reading, music and travelling.

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