Beauty of the Week : Olaleye Yetunde Omowunmi

I am certainly no stranger to the wondrous world of the ´beauty of beauties.´ Yet, I am certain that if Aphrodite was as beautiful as Wunmi, Hephaestus would have seeked the death of Ares. Trust me, if Helen´ś beauty is enough to cause a bloody war, Wunmi´s would cause… well… I can’t find any phrase to use. This fantasy-provoking beauty is the tomato(well, tomatoes are more expensive, aren’t they?) of every testosterone-pumping guy eyes(I can’t speak for the GAbriels and GAtemen, can I?) From the class of 2020, Wunmi has only begun her march into the gentry of the Faculty of Law´s beauty coterie, and she obviously has a good start already.

A simple assiduous being with effeminate tendencies, it didn’t take much to enjoy the interview, albeit I am certain it’d have been far more gratifying if it had been a face to face interview. Really? Really! You want me to tell you how it was conducted? Do the maths. Anyway, enjoy;
Me: Wunmi tell me about yourself.
Wunmi: My full name is Olaleye Yetunde Omowunmi from a family of six, I’m the only girl. I´m from Ógun state, I am a law student, a model and a fashion designer. Basically, I love food, books, hanging out with my friends and I´m interested in photography.

Me: So I´m guessing fashion is your passion, is my hunch right?
Wunmi: Yes.
Me: Woah, If fashion is your passion, what are you doing in the faculty of law? Indulge us, if ever one has to take predominance, which will?
Wunmi: I did mention that I love books. I was never really good  at maths and all the other science subjects in secondary school. Well, law was the only career I saw working well with me. Let’s just say the whole idea of law, justice, courts and the others just seemed fascinating. So I went for it and my dad was in full support of it. About which would take predominance, I’m not sure I want to answer that. (After subtle prodding) Fashion I GUESS(she specifically told me to ´note that the ´guess´ is in block letters).
Me: So… ´law was the only career you saw working with you?´
Wunmi: With my little knowledge of what law is about, what lawyers do and the PRESTIGE(am I the only one who wasn’t influenced by the prestige factor?) that comes with being a well-to-do barrister, I can say that I see myself as one of them. I also really enjoy arguing and of course winning arguments. Not baseless ones though.
Me: If you were to pick your major reason for studying law, which of the aforementioned would you pick?
Wunmi: The respect and PRESTIGE(again!) that comes with being a well-to-do lawyer.
Me: Are you religious?
Wunmi: Not really. I just believe in God and I´ve got faith in him. He surely lives and works in my life.
Me: That´s a bit ambiguous.
Wunmi: Well, it depends on what you mean by being ´religious´
Me: Nah. What do you understand it to mean?
Wunmi: Dedication to your religion. As a muslim; praying five times a day and all sorts.

Me: Are you a muslim?
Wunmi: Yes
Me: Do you pray five times a day?
Wunmi: Not all the time, but I try.(at the least, she is honest.)
Me: This is Ramadan, are you fasting?
Wunmi: Yes.
Me: If not law, what would you study?
Wunmi: Funny as it seems, french. (hush! Don’t ask me)
Me: Because
Wunmi: I call it stupid love. I love it for no explicable reason. Realistically, my dad would probably make me study Accounting or Economics.
Me: Make you?
Wunmi: Yes, make me. Very few Nigerian parents would let their kids study french.
Me: Describe yourself in one sentence.
Wunmi:Beautiful, spontaneous, down to earth, fun loving, annoying in a good way and intelligent.(Blimey! That´s a lot of adjectives… and commas)
Me: Your closest friends.
Wunmi: Idunnu Obisesan, Riyyah, and Tobi Ijaware. Some of whom aren’t in our faculty.
Me: Do you have a boyfriend?
Wunmi: Yes, I do(there goes many hopes down the toilet. Sorry for you guys though). He´s a great friend, great listener, caring, very annoying and I´ll say the best thing in my life right now after God and Family of course(Bollywood kinda love.)
Me: His name?
Wunmi: Tobiloba Ijaware, Bizard, Finance.
Me: What are your music preferences, your favourite genre, musician and all sorts
Wunmi: Actually, any kind of music can catch my fancy, ranging from trap music to hip hop and R&B. I love Taylor Swift, Adele, Rihanna, Drake… Olamide, Falz the bahd guy(special recognition for dawg), Tiwa Savage. I´ll always love Taylor Swift’s ´Love story´ and Adele´s ´Someone like you´(My comments are… Reserved.)
Me: What pisses you off? What sort of people don´t you like?
Wunmi: Lies. Liars and hypocrites. (Lawyers are both, or so they say.)
Me: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
Wunmi: My height! I wanna be taller.
Me: If you could change anything about the world…?
Wunmi: Racism, and of course corruption.(If only….)
Me: Racism?
Wunmi: Yes, I wish there are no racists. So everyone could live in harmony and no one feels inferior because of their skin color,(Again, I reserve my comments.)
Me: What is your biggest fear?
Wunmi: I really don’t know what my biggest fear is.
Me: Your most embarrassing moment?
Wunmi: I don’t even know. My mom has embarrassed me many times in front of my friends either by yelling at me or hitting me.(Magic moments?)
Me: Your biggest moment?
Wunmi: When I was made ‘head girl’ in secondary school(I wonder how many people were senior prefects back in their secondary school days.)
Me: Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
Wunmi: Married, rich and famous.
Me: Your plan for kids?
Wunmi: I want three smart kids.
Me: Your favourite course thus far?
Wunmi: Psychology.
Me: What are your impressions as regard the faculty, since you aren’t really in yet.
Wunmi: I think it’s a respected faculty for the good brains…
Me: You’ve anything to say?
Wunmi: I´m a young girl, very imperfect and hoping on a bright future.
Me: Your personal creed?
Wunmi: God is the ultimate giver and taker, worship and respect him.
Well, that’s about that. Despite my ATTEMPTS, she refused to tell me whether or not she thinks she is beautiful enough to be the beauty of the week. All I got was a ´Lol, I dunno really.´’Hey! How can you still expect me to ask her to rate me over ten? Do you really want to have my self-esteem shattered? Please, let it go.

That said, adieus.

/’ target=’_blank’><img src=’; border=’0′ alt=”WP 20151208 026″ /></a> Dosunmu Agboola Mubarak a chivalric perfect gentleman with an astounding sense of humor and an astronomic sense of honor from the class of ’19, is a highly passionate young man. Popularly called Ladking, he believes he is a king in his own right and a lord in his hobby; writing.

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