“When pleasure rules you, it ruins you.” –Naphtali Ukamwa
You know writing that project is necessary: you know making that call may change things: you know reading that book will make you pass: you know taking that step will bring you close to your dream: why are you not doing it?
We live the life we choose to live by acting.  Over the years we’ve had too many critics, two many coaches who keep talking and never doing.  They can analyse the problems, say why they are in such problems but have never done what it takes to solve them.  The greatest danger we put ourselves is transferring the responsibilities of today to tomorrow.  The more we put off the responsibilities of today the more the responsibilities of tomorrow increase.
Laziness is the ancestral inspirer of procrastination. Only lazy hands think they can do tomorrow what they ought to do today better than if they do it today.  The best time to finish anything we started is now! Delaying is the denial of the future, saying “I’ll do it later”, you may never do it again because the circumstance that forced you to postpone it can become intense in the future to stop you from doing it.
Procrastination is the instinct of the comfort zone.  People who are slack in doing things on time never experience new things.  They keep drinking from the old wine-skin.  They prefer the lies of the status quo that the realities of the future.  They are the ones who say, “Heard melody is better than unheard melody.”  They entangle themselves in the paradox of confusion.  

Have you not been trying one thing enough? Aren’t you tired of one-sidedness? Wake-up! Because you will soon sleep on your neck! Do it! Because it will soon be too late.  Let me quickly remind you what somebody said”, slackness is lackness.”  Lazy people die poor!
Doing the right thing at the right time is a show that you have confidence in what you’re doing, and of course, in your dream.  I knew I would be a writer but I did not just stopped there.  When I discovered, I began to write and compile my write ups even when I don’t know how books are published.  Those of us who write know what it takes to engrave volumes of ideas.  You need the most commitment and the least of delay.
Delaying hands are failing hands.

True vision, passionate dream blaze with the heat that procrastination cannot withstand.  Why do people procrastinate? It’s only because they permit pleasure to rule their lives.  Otherwise I don’t know or see what a serious minded person will be doing when he has volumes to deliver.  It has been my practice never to waste the least of my time engaging in an unprofitable business.  In every business you proposed to embark on and you delay, the profits might just walk away before you get there.  Because it would have been tired of been delayed and waiting for a delaying man.  He rightly moves to a ready man.
When pleasure rules you, it ruins you.

For instance, I have met people who have written volumes of book with their mouth.  But did you know that someone who actually had the same dream wrote a volume of book within five nights – five good nights not days.  He was engaged in something else during the day and was writing during the night.  Some have tried and could not even could they write a pamphlet. I say No! We can’t afford to crucify our dreams on the cavalry of procrastination.

It’s time to get off that dirty instinct that makes us think we can’t do it now.  The truth is whatever the future holds we can start claiming it now. Yesterday, today was tomorrow.  Those things you did and the ones you couldn’t are what make you what you are today.  In like manner, your tomorrow will be determined by what you are doing now not what you are “going” to do later.
Procrastination is a dangerous web that sticks you to the spot of the present and robbing you of the bountifulness the future holds. Action is the mother of invention.  Don’t be “weary of doing”.  Your positive action sustains your life.  When you stop acting you start dying.  Dying begins from procrastinating.  When you feel reluctant to do things before you know it you will give up doing that thing.  However, my advice to you is, like Paul, the Apostles “And let us not grow weary of doing (acting), for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up (Galatians 6:9 ESV).
Benjamin Disreali said, “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”  It depends on what you concentrate your action on that determines what you get.  If your life purpose is what you really want to fulfil, it’s only the decision to act towards it that takes you to it.  It’s not just about acting, but positive acting – not just running but running towards the right direction.  When you take the necessary actions to solve your problems, they get solved.  That kind of action that brings your solution – your happiness in life.

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