Meeting Hilary was one of the most interesting things that ever happened to me this week. I agree with him that he is cool and calm. He left his ‘business’ with that girl and came over for the interview, ready to listen and reply adequately. I will never forget something about him: ’’his smile’’. He has a charming smile and he replied intelligently to every questions being asked from him. Choosing you as the student of the week was not a mistake. 

Hilary belongs to the mooting society and tax club. In addition, he won the recently concluded Word War3. Congratulations Hilary .

Asking Hilary for his full name was very inquisitive of me, but I ended up hearing something like ‘EdelsieOdinokarHillary. I had to ask him to say his name all over again, one after the other

Hilary: My name is Ekezie Odinaka Hilary.

Me: Tell us something about your personality.

Hilary: I am cool and calm and I like to put things in order . I am a humanist .

Me: Your hobbies?

Hilary: I like to swim, and read. I like playing basketball too

Me: That is good. Which kind of book do you read?

Hilary: Books that have cultural settings and written by African authors like Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and the likes. I liked Chinua Achebe’s countenance a lot.That is why I believe that people should inquire into things before they get into it.  I write too…poems, …

Me: Interesting! Can you just look around and recite a poem now?

Hilary: (Hilary just kept smiling…) No…Let me just send you some of my works. (Of course I read his works and trust me, I am going to pass a comment on them below. He actually permitted me to)

(I was interested in knowing why he considered the Word War 3 and his challenges. I want to be like him….it’s the money I’m concerned about, you know. Ok, it’s not just the money alone…)

Hilary: I think the mooting society prepared me for competitions. I have also given presentations during the past NMUN and moot competitions too. All these built my public speaking skills.  It was a late decision when I thought about getting the form but I have no regrets now. (Obviously, you don’t)

Me: Since the Mooting society has a rigorous admission process; do you not think other students \are by this being pushed out of developing their public speaking skills?

Hilary: I don’t think so. The society is an open one. When you know the value of something, a lot of people will rush to get it. So those processes are necessary for effective scrutinising.

Me: Ok. How do you balance social activities with that of academic activities?

Hilary: You can’t be a Jack of all trades. I choose things I can do and plan them well.
Me: What are your best outfit?

Hilary: I just like dressing casual and I like blue and red colours.

Me: Ok, who are your ‘got to go’ friends?

Hilary: Mena, Samba, Daniel, Gabriel, laylo, Rahman, Esther  Eze, Pelumi Esse

Me: Ok, I’m not going to be too inquisitive here, but I want to know which side you belong to… ‘Dating girls in the faculty/ Outside the faculty’’

Hilary: Well, you can date girls outside the faculty…what matters is the compatibility of both parties and not the location.

Me: (That got me interested). OOOOOk, are you dating someone outside the faculty?

Hilary: NO. I am single but I am not searching.(Don’t mind him, he is…I could tell from his face)

Me: Which kind of lady will you be or are you interested in?

Hilary: Her look firstly must be attractive but she needs not be a law student.

Me: (Honestly, I was not satisfied. So I asked) Ok, that girl passing (you can ask me for her name privately, you know) do you like her?

Hilary: Hmm,,,…(oh my my,,,,see teeth….he is a very good model, you know……for ‘close up’) She is ok. I just want an average height person (well, the girl that just passed now didn’t meet that standard)

Hilary: Ok, average height, caramel in complexion, very sexy with a nice shape(everybody like good things, you know…well, he didn’t mention anything about her cooking ability..maybe Hilary is not just a foodie type)

Me: Have you got crushes on people in the faculty?

Hilary: Ah ah…of course…many..(but Hilary will not just mention their names)

Me: Your best lecturer is ?

Hilary: Dr. Oguniran. I like her because she is very accommodating.

Me: So, are you going to practice or just move into the academic field? Will you like to go for your masters too?

Hilary: Yes, I will do my postgraduate studies (Masters) and practice for a while and then move into the agricultural field (Agriculture!!! Wao!!)

Me: Are you planning to go for any political post in the faculty, this session or later?

Hilary: Hmmm….let’s wait and see (hmm)

Me: Any word of advice?

Hilary: Life is what it is. Whatever it throws at you, be ready to figure  a way to get out of the negative part of it. Be optimistic and take life as it comes.

Ok, Hilary will make a very good lecturer…I can tell from the way he speaks… and his poems are awesome. One thing I noticed about his work is that they ‘breathe’. They are the breath of a man, writing the tone behind his feeling with an ink pen. When I read ‘Their Eyes On My Price’, the reality of ‘friendship’ dawn on me. Yet I couldn’t resist his use of imagery and rhyme. Take a look at stanza one…

I am an open wound for dogs to LICK

The vultures await my demise with their BEAK

The shark can smell the trail of blood in the BLEAK

Safely I run to comfort but get caught up by these BEASTS

They nod their head in precedent for this FEAST

Their decoy is the friendly embrace of sweet GIST

They touch me and kiss me smelling this adorned MEAT.

I will not be posting the rest of the stanzas but it will really be nice if you get a compilation of Hilary’s work. He is such a genus!

Thank you Hilary.


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