Always try to hear your baby tales once in a while from your parents, and you’ll know how well the society has changed you because you thought societal behavior was normal. I grow up in a city where my attitude towards another is controlled by the other person’s attitude towards me. This goes on for different people like me, then I wonder ; how emancipated am I really?……….. I need to be in charge of my character.
There’s a particular quote I’ve heard for sometime now and it goes thus; “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you”.  Well,  apparently this means that we’re to live as a refection of what we wanna see. That is, stay positive with people, and they’ll likely do the same with you. Be respectful to people, and they’ll most likely be to you . However it’s nothing new that we’re living the quote inversely, because what I see now is that in the 21st century, we do unto others as others have done unto us. Quite similar to reactive living. Responding to the present based on our information concerning the past, let’s just call that prejudice. One thing has however caught my attention which is; over the years humans have fought for emancipation and have waged so many revolutions, thrown out bombs and wielded guns. We’ve evolved as we have believed, into the higher intelligence, we’ve made crazy breathe taking technological advancement. Yet we’re still controlled by what we’ve experience, by our past relationship with people. Character doesn’t change these days, it only fluctuates pursuant to what we’re given. We now live like the computer we built, following the GIGO system. People now react nice and accommodating to those who grant them such, and go otherwise to those who do the otherwise. Yet we fail to take cognizance of the human capacity to create a new psychological flow of good character.

I believe we can create a new cycle of harmonious living, as  each person has the ability to change the irrational cycle. Hence following the quote, Do unto others……, The onus is on each person to do, act, create a flow of expressing good character just as you’ll want others to act towards you. You should try to be the origin of want you wanna see, don’t be  reaction of what others want to see, especially when what they want to see is the inhumane part of you.

Our world, as it seems is becoming more polarized than we could ever know. It’s therefore advisable to live with a open mind. Be the one to act, not react. Be the first to help, the first to say something inspiring, the first to smile or even to the trivial act of saying “good morning”.  Do that to people and you’ll realize that you’re the one in control of your self even if people don’t appreciate the effort (which most times they’re probably reacting to what they’ve experience earlier on), you’ll be glad that you acted based on freewill, freewill to be forgiving, compassionate, kind, creative etc. irrespective of what you’re faced with.

Once we’re living and reacting based on prejudicial experience, we are no better off than someone with a retrospective human nature. Now Keep this in mind, I got it from one of  my favorite cartoons.. AVATAR, Legend of Korra and you can relate this quote to people living with a prejudicial nature and reactive nature towards others around them.

“When you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of  new reality”
Thus, I urge everyone to base their expectations beyond what they’ve experienced in the society. Start living a new reality, see the world differently, act differently and little by little you’ll see that people would act the same way you’ve acted towards them.

Finally, most people would bring in the theory of social control, and claim that reaction is merely psychological. Well I’m just concerned to know if the theory of Social Behavior is enough excuse to override our willingness to act not out of influence, but out of reason

Now imagine what the World will look like, if you’ve acted wonderful to a  lot of people?

By : Abu Samuel

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