Well, I finally decided that it is time to raise this journal up and out of the grave. The last time you heard from me, I think there was some running involved. Between that time and now, not much has happened to your homegirl, who lives under a rock.
For the most part, my days have been filled with reading and more reading and, guess what? While my mates are waiting for Season 7 of Game of Thrones, I just started watching it. I know I’m not the only one that didn’t know what a ‘Game of Thrones’ was until a month ago so don’t judge. So yes, my days have been filled with that too. But don’t worry, Jenifa is still bae:D.
Now, I’m going to leave you guys with a piece I wrote. I’d love to know what you think about it. I wrote this on a very random day and…. welll, enjoy.

Sometimes I just stop and wonder, ‘Why do Nigerians have no chill?!!”
Its quite true if you think about it; we rush for almost everything: food, clothes, water, even if they will be useless to us, so long as it’s a freebie or it goes for cheap. Hey, hey, hey, don’t even try to exempt yourself from this generalization, you’re involved in this too and you know it 😛 Lol.
But seriously, what’s the hurry?
I was in the market yesterday, Bariga if you must know, and Lord!! I can’t even believe I survived it.
Lemme paint a typical Bariga market scene for you
“It seems like rushing and pushing and jostling and swearing are the motto of this people. Cars horning, loudly I might add, traders shouting and harassing, one set of pedestrians pushing and swearing at you if you don’t move fast enough for them, another set walking like people who have no lives, such that even snails could out walk them and a third set just looking-some looking at nothing in particular, others just looking at everything and everyone (I like to call them the Observers)-, buyers haggling-I always have a nagging feeling that most of the hagglers are from Ijebu but hey, I won’t characterize my kinsmen with such an unseemly trait- and the two-wheeled monsters and their ferocious riders, the Okadamen. Yes. I have saved them for last in this situation because they are the most dangerous of the lot. Now, at almost every point in your life that you’ll end up in Bariga market, there will be a hideously long queue of cars, this is actually no queue but a terrible traffic jam that makes Bariga half as famous as it is. Now, think of the joy, pride and the feeling of invincibility that goes through a rider’s mind because he is able to maneuver his way around all these ‘big cars’ on his own ‘small-but-mighty-two-wheeled-monster’. Now in all his euphoria, he totally forgets about the ordinary pedestrian and begins to wreak havoc. He begins to act out his own personal ‘Ride or Die’ movie and the ordinary pedestrians are forced to scamper to safety for fear of being hit by one of these two-wheeled monsters, some falling into the mud in the process, some tripping over those who have fallen into the mud but being lucky not to get too much mud in their mouths because the ones below have taken the fall for them. By the time the havoc-wreaker is gone, only a few are still standing and everyone silently acknowledges them as the ‘Bad-asses’. The ones on the floor grudgingly pick themselves up with curses on their lips for the unfortunate rider but oh! Wait o! Another two-wheeled monster is coming again!! This time, people are wiser and they safely get out of the way before this rider comes along but, as he leaves, even though he wreaked no havoc,curses are trailing after him, curses thatcurses are trailing after him, curses that were meant for the first rider but had not yet been shed all raining over this innocent one. In the distance, I think I see him doing the Yoruba sign of Olorun ma je, but I can’t be too sure because I am not wearing my glasses.”

Yes. That’s a typical market Bariga market scene. However that is not the reason behind this story whatever-you-choose-to-call-it. The reason behind this piece is a woman. No! No!! No!!! Erase that knowing thought from your mind man! That’s a serious crime and very offensive to me! I was not attracted to her because she was selling potatoes but, oh well, I guess that’s one of the reasons. Back to the story-

“Amidst all this madness stood out a woman. In all ramifications she was simple and ordinary, with a weathered look to her face. But looking at her and her two simple children selling potatoes with an effusive feel to their movements and actions, smiling, even though the situation they were in demanded that they frown and shout and drag passersby to their wares made me realize something. You see, this woman and her children, who could not possibly be more than 13, were in tattered clothes, the only place they had in that market was a really small rectangle which they had covered with an empty sack of rice, with their potatoes placed on it. Even in this situation, this woman and her children were smiling and eager to please, something very hard to find in traders this day- traders will even be treating you like crap, even though its your money you’re going to spend. At first I went over to her because she was selling potatoes and I wanted to buy potatoes but then, as I watched her sell to me, with her children trying their best to help her out, asking me how my day went, I couldn’t help wishing that some MTN customer care agents would come and learn customer service from her- Lol. My sister will eat me alive, cos she’s one of them. I also wished that I had a loooooooootttttt of money that I could just give to her, not out of pity but out of wonder, wonder that even in the situation she was in, she was able to smile and care about others. I, however, gave her what I was capable of and even though it was a terribly small amount, she looked genuinely happy and she blessed me profusely.”
Now I learnt something from this woman, in every and any situation you find yourself, develop the right attitude, a positive one and you will be blessed. Because of that woman’s beautiful attitude, I was able to bless her, albeit in my own little way, but imagine how many other people would have blessed her because of her beautiful attitude. The right attitude is the key to success. Do not be put down by whatever situation you find yourself. There will always be people in worse positions and if they can find little things to be cheerful about, you have no right to feel sorry for yourself, no right at all. Feeling sorry for yourself will not get you out of that situation, not at all. The effort you put in and the attitude you put forward will determine how you progress. That woman has become an inspiration to me and right now, I’m off to put actions to my own words.

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