*Responses are unfiltered.
*Respondents are anonymous for their own safety.

It’s that interesting time of the session again! Faculty elections are upon us! This time, Supreme wants to deliver, Tobolos wants us to evolve, and Etse …errr …Etse is a girl. No really, ignoring all the poppycock BCs are portraying, which candidate do you think should NOT win the race for the LSS presidency, but of even greater importance; why?
We took to the “streets” of the Faculty of Law to sample students’ opinions on this topical issue. Views aired, thoughts voiced, and shots fired. People are not smiling.

“Etse. I have an issue with her. She hasn’t done anything for the faculty. I heard she’s active in ADR, but you can’t just come from somewhere and say you want to be president. Show us you’re willing to serve and you have what it takes. And then you want to control over a thousand people. Her friends are giving her bad advise and she should opt out of the race. I don’t think anybody wants to vote for her. And please, her campaign people should stop saying she’s a girl.”

“Supreme. I feel like he has nothing to offer. I feel like he cannot command. He doesn’t have sufficient antecedents. I feel like he just doesn’t need to lose another election.”

“Obviously the girl. She shouldn’t bother. Etse or whatever is her name. She shouldn’t bother because I don’t think she has any chance of winning. She should just leave it for the guys because seriously, nobody is going to vote for her. Well, people might, but I doubt if she’ll get a reasonable number of votes. The fact that she’s a girl is a kind of automatic disqualification for her. It’s a normal thing na. She should just leave it for the guys. Well, if she wins, it’s her luck. I’ll be happy for her.”

“Tobolos. He has issues. Many issues. You know this diploma/UTME division, it was during this Langa Tobolos time that the division is so obvious. The Tobolos clique. It’s annoying. Apart from that, the LSS games, Tobolos was behind the deduction of class of 18’s and 19’s points. That’s why I don’t want him to win.”

“Supreme. I feel he is quite dull, he does not have impact. Tobolos has been ASG and Sec Gen, I feel he has what it takes.”

“Tobolos. Like my friend had an issue with him, and his behaviour towards my friend was not good at all. I don’t want someone that will favour a particular set of people, and that’s Tobolos. Some even said he’s playful. Tobolos has been there. He should go and rest. That is exactly what is killing Nigeria. He should allow other people to work. Thank you.”

“Anybody that is not Tobolos, I don’t want him or her to win.”

“Supreme. He lacks the charisma. He’s smart and intelligent, but you need more than that to run the faculty.”

“Etse. I don’t believe she should win. She does not have the experience. I believe she’s only coming out to make a statement that women should also run.”

“Nobody. They all have a right to be voted for. Even Etse. Though I don’t know her, it’s still okay of she wins.”

“Supreme. He does not even have experience. He is just coming from no where and wants to become president. And the way he’s going about his campaign, last minute famzing, like ‘guy, how far?’ Can you imagine, he even came to play ball with us. He has not even said anything, just ‘Supreme will deliver.’ What is he delivering?”

“Etse. Most people don’t know her. She’s just going nowhere. I feel like she’s going to cast herself. Then Supreme, not to talk of the fact that he wasn’t supposed to go. Some moot members just sat together and said ‘Gabriel should go’ then later, ‘Gabriel should not go, Supreme should go.’ Like what is that? It is not based on that. I feel Etse and Supreme are wasting their time.”

“Etse. I’m her classmate, and I feel there’s more to just being president. There’s this charisma that comes with being a president. She doesn’t have it. Not because she’s a lady, but she just doesn’t have that charisma. There are girls I’ve met in this faculty and I’m like “why didn’t you run for president?” Etse doesn’t have what it takes.”

“Supreme. He should not win the race. I don’t know Etse, and I don’t want to mention her so it doesn’t seem discriminatory. But Supreme? Nah. The fact that you and your people can have a meeting in the moot court, and lock out non-members of your ‘party,’ even though they belong to the mooting society, only goes a long way to show that when you become president, you’ll belong to that fraction. He’s a part of the fraction already. A president should belong to nobody and everybody. So Supreme should not win.”

“Supreme. I don’t think he’s capable enough to be the LSS president.”

“The only Etse I know is Malemi. Truth be told, you don’t just appear from the wild blues and contest. Government, real government, requires indepth knowledge of the nitty-gritty. This knowledge doesn’t come overnight.”

“Supreme. I don’t know him. I can’t see him and say this is him. Right from my year one, it’s Tobi I’ve known. I am not a Supreme person.”

“Etse. She should not even be in the race. First, nobody knows her. Second, she has not done anything tangible for me to want to vote for her. Third, who is she? Who’s her daddy? Who she epp?”

“Etse. She cannot win. She’s just trying her luck. She’s not strong enough. It’s a waste of time. Even if she wins, it will still be a waste of time. It will be a whole session with no work done. We do not know her from anywhere. What are her previous experiences? What past positions has she held? What has she done and why is she trying to contest? Is it to prove that there is girl power? Or some kind of feminist? It is not going to work. She cannot win.”

“Etse. I don’t want her to win. I don’t know her or what she stands for. If you want to contest for election, you should make yourself available prior to this time. You can’t just come out of the blues and declare.”

“There is someone that almost everybody is against and they’re like why is she wasting her time? The girl obviously. Personally, I don’t feel that way about her, though I may not vote for her.”

So, do you have your own thoughts on the topic? who is your own ‘no’ candidate? Who do you think should win? Deal sealers? Deal breakers?

The comments box is all yours. Please, let’s hear all of it. 

So. I hope this vox has been enjoyed. Good luck to all the candidates and may the best person win.

Election polls drop soon. Stay in touch.



    1. Well there is nothing wrong with a girl contesting.. I don’t know y people have issues with that.. The most important thing is that you shouldn’t fool yourself.. As it stands etse is currently wasting her time because they are so many things involved in winning an election.. Jst declaring ur intentions all of a sudden will Jst subject u to public ridicule. For me none of the candidates are qualified.. No offense to anyone.. I would have loved it if the current hoc of Gani fawehinmi chambers was contesting


  1. I dnt think any of them should even win because, when they get on d seat all d promises they made won’t be fulfilled. Come on this is politics…scratch my back and I scratch yours. Don’t also 4get dt they have cliques, there’s a tendency dt we might all be left outta a pony. Take supreme and his group’s closed door meeting, even to d members. And all this famzing sha….God will help us.


    1. There’s no perfect candidate and there’s no worst candidate. All of them have their excesses and insufficiencies. Let everyman just vote according to how his brain thinks… To those people who want to vote Supreme because he’ll supply free yoghurt, weldone and those who want to vote Etse because she’s a girl, thumbs up…. And for those who like the nice surgery on Tobolos’ face… Well, choose wisely.


  2. Grandeur must be appreciated even at the lowest levels. Continuity in everything is unpleasant, Cold is agreeable, that we may get warm…

    We all in the faculty happen to be ‘educated’ and The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. We’ve had administrations we’ve obviously not benefitted greatly from.

    We have a candidate who happen to have served and couldn’t effectively change the face of things, another said to have worked ‘UnderG’ on lots of appreciated things in the faculty with proof, without getting credit for them and another candidate ready to ‘just’ set the pace for us to try something new gender wise.

    Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive.

    How ’bout we try ‘something new’ ‘with proof’ even if the trivial things are addressed we’ll appreciate…

    Not saying a new administration won’t fail like their predecessors, but let’s have them (the predecessors) see less power to abuse than they’ve always had …That’s the secret to life… replace one worry with another.


  3. I do not understand the motivation for this negative article. But will tell you right now. This is a disgusting and embarrassing display of misogyny. The LSS BLOG for goodness sake is the formal Internet platform that projects the orientation, values, intelligence, ideas, discipline and philosophy of the entire studentship of the faculty of law UNILAG.

    You cannot represent us in that light.

    I am aware that this is intended to be an appraisal of candidates’ chances at clinching the top prize, but that in itself does not and should constitute an excuse to demean and insult our intelligence.

    Aside from that, the comments indicate a shocking level of “electoral illiteracy” in the faculty which has been exactly the why Students when invited to assess candidates and elect an individual who personifies the character, values and prestige of the faculty, more often than not fail to get the right man or woman.
    The Wale LANGA Presidency should assume the responsibility of educating the faculty electorates in that regard. I TRUST IN THE WISDOM OF THE PRESIDENT.



    Ubaka Victor JSC
    Ag. Chief Juror
    Faculty of Law.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Erm. Mr Ag Chief Juror, nothing is wrong with what the LSS blog did. They only sampled people’s opinions and let you see. If you should fire any shot at anyone, it should be the respondents. The LSS blog didn’t put the words in their mouths. Have a nice day😊😊


  5. The LSS blog did not put words in the mouth of those interviewed. Maybe it would have been proper if you, Ubaka Victor say that it shows the level of ignorance of the law students. The purpose of the LSS blog in this is not to belittle any candidate,but to measure the opinion of the average stakeholders. And as an older colleague,I suppose you should understand this better.


  6. @ Wunmi, I am aware of that. That’s why I said “they intended”. But what I think they intended was not what the article evinced.
    It would be dubious if you do not perceive the subliminal message of misogyny.
    There’s an ethical side to journalism.

    Yes! present the facts but don’t Pass the wrong message. And how do you do that?
    You appraise and evaluate the response in the light of ethical values of information dissemination. I say that because the comments are gender-sensitive. The press should not only be unbiased in principle but must be SEEN TO BE SO.
    There’s a responsibility that lawyers should carry especially when they function in this capacity. In other climes, you certainly will get a “QUERY NOTIFICATION” (sic) for inappropriate content that appear to sustain ideas and myths that drive subjugation and discrimination of women.

    @SOLA….Exactly my point, the way the blog set out to MEASURE THE AVERAGE INDIVIDUAL STAKEHOLDERS’ VIEW is fundamentally flawed and as a COLLEAGUE I EXPECT YOU AS WELL TO UNDERSTAND THIS BASIC FACT regardless of your level.

    I maintain the position that the content is grossly distasteful. You should READ Professor Atsenuwa’s 6th Inaugural Lecture Paper on PROSELYTIZING LEGAL FEMINISM.
    You will get a great deal of education from that.
    And by the way, the argument that the Blog was non-committal in its delivery cannot stand in the light of the currency of the law on that topic.


  7. Sigh. Victor. No. This is article is a vox populi for crying out loud. A belief or opinion shared by most people. The voice of the people. Public opinion. Popular opinion. What else? Vox populi!! The LSS blog people are only doing their work. The whole “feminism” thing is not their fault na. Like people have been saying, they didn’t put the words in the mouth of the respondents. Even I was sampled, and the sampler was as neutral as possible. Or were you expecting them to have filtered or euphemised the comments? Because I am not understanding…


  8. @Victor Ubaka. I suppose there’s an ‘Editor’ in charge here. if there’d be sanction at all on this post. He should receive the most of the lashes. It is clearly a failure on his part. I’d refer you to the Gatekeeping theory. Then about the post itself, in the light of the duties of the media to inform, educate, and entertain, I wouldn’t say this has failed totally. While it appears the comments are lopsided, the opprobrium in your reaction is rather extreme.


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