Have you ever seen a girl who reasonably ought to have met her ‘MR PERFECT’ (if that exists) but couldn’t because she was busy with her ‘make-up’ in the ‘closet’ when she ought to be outside? Believe me, you are that girl IF you didn’t come for Gani Chamber dinner that took place last week because you actually missed a lot…the fun, entertainment, the educative part, the spoken word poetry , THE FOOD, the big book and so many more?… Wait a minute, may I ask you a question? Why didn’t you come?
Good news! I have decided to show you what you missed. Permit me to present to you FIVE categories of people that were present…. THE BEAUTIFUL  JEWELLS, THE HANDSOME GUYS, THE CREATIVE ONES ‘PERFECT COUPLES’’,  and ‘THE AWARD WINNERS’.

Coming down to the first category: THE BEAUTIFUL JEWELS,
The NUMBER 3 babe is Gboremi, the current V.P of ADR. She is obviously pretty and her dress was on point on that day.



Then we have Durojaiye Oyindamola, a gentle 300 level student whose smile alone can close the eyes of the sun. She is approachable, caring and fun to be with. We all know of her beauty and that day…she looked ‘stunning’. She loves to hang out with friends when she is not reading or sleeping. She loves to read novels too.

And the NUMBER 1 girl on the list is a 300 level lady …………Jemimah.… without much ado…,isn’t  she obviously beautiful?

Ok….let’s roll the dice over to next category :THE  HANDSOME GUYS:
On the third list is…’Mare’!  His ‘suit’ was really really on point, and he looked ‘happily handsome’.

Next on the list is Chidiebere.  Obviously, he looks cool and handsome.

On the very first list is …….Gregg, an articulate public speaker, and the Secretary / head of library of Gani Chamber. He is always looking cool, dressing very smartly and of course that very day ‘killed it’.

I tell you sincerely, the dinner was not just full of beautiful ladies and handsome guys but also beautiful creative people who ‘came along’ with their creative dresses.
On the third list is Mariam Ladejobi.  She is PRO1 of Gani Chamber. She is highly innovative, intellectual and high spirited. She is currently in the art of fashion designing and her clothing line is ‘Queen Mama Designs’.  Infact, she designed and tailored her cloth herself for the dinner.

Second on the list is Ewajane Botiwumisola (Bibi). She is a 300 level law students and a member of the legislative house. She is also fun to be with. Bibi is a young entrepreneur in event management at ‘BaeEvent and Society’.

And the first on the list is Odibo Mahuemolen. She is a fan of ‘cultural beauty and creativity. Her cloth was a combination of innovation and creativity. Check her cloth out!

Now, this next category (perfect couples) I implore, should not be taken too serious and at the same time, it should be taken seriously. It is just a category which lists those ladies and guys who in actual fact looked perfectly like ‘couples’. I’m not going to mention names here, I will definitely drop the pictures, and on the very surface of it, you will agree with me that they match as  ‘couples’. Now,…let’s roll the dice!!

The last but not the least category is ‘The Award Winners’. I have few pictures here with me, if yours isn’t there; please let the blog team know . Below are the award winners for academic excellence and certificate of excellence

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Thank you for reading .


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