“The Good, The bad and the ugly” is what comes into people’s minds at the sound of Law Dinner Review, but don’t worry. Now that I got your attention, you can now relax and read what went down at Law Dinner, 2016.

Almost every Law Student got hyped up for Law Dinner which was supposed to hold at Landmark Event Centre. Of course, other faculties started tagging us, “rich” and everyone started feeling fly. Till about 5 o’clock on Friday, broadcast messages were still sent around to remind people that Law Dinner would be at Landmark Event Centre.
At exactly 6:13, a bc came in, informing us all that we just played the fool and that Law Dinner was meant to hold at Muson Centre from the start. Hohoho! You couldn’t have imagined the mockery in my room that day. But hey! I don’t have self esteem issues, so I just braced up and said some really smart things to save myself from embarrassment. But the Uber Code really helped. I got 2k off my ride.. Thumbs up to #ResurgenceTeam for that.

So, the event was supposed to start by 7:30,according to the bc, and if you calculate according to African time, it was supposed to start by 8 or 8:30(if worse turns to worst). I majestically climbed out of my Uber ride, full of excitement and anticipation around 8:40 and the whole place was dry, probably due to the change in venue. I got my tag and walked in to find things being put in place… Okay… It really looked like a di-minute event. I took my seat. And to my surprise, Timi Oyewo, a finalist and Zino, a sophomore mounted the stage as the anchors of the day. Mr. Oyewo doesn’t look the type for that kind of job and he wasn’t really good at it,but he tried, and so did Aunty Zino.
About 20 minutes later, Ikeoluwa, former TEC president and a certain Garrick were invited to the stage as the hosts of the day,and that was impromptu. This got me wondering if the change of venue affected the other plans, too. They were eventually saved by a certain Saviour. He cracked jokes and those of us who weren’t too proud laughed. Celebrities and Dignitaries such as Bimbo Akintola, the Ibru family and graced the occasion.
So, at the time the food was supposed to be served, as against last year’s buffet, I saw trays of Mavise with food orders of 50 naira jollof rice, 50naira fried rice, 50 naira Cole slaw and Chicken; building down to the whooping sum of 150. But as the grateful person I always am, I took it appreciatively and happily. Of the 10 people on my table, 4 people were not able to eat the food due to the fact that it tasted burnt; bimagine, wasting 150naira Ike that. The caterers even made us beg before we got serviettes.
So, of course, we had to console ourselves… With pictures. Don’t let the stunning pictures deceive you though; pictures… Iie.

So, the dinner ended at about 1am,and till 3, most people were still at The Muson Centre. The venue for the after party was not easy to find and it was far. It was around Meadow Hall school, Lekki. The venue was perfect, even though the house was too small for the number of people present. The pool looked well treated and inviting; but perhaps it looked that way cos there was no light to show otherwise. The music was hot, but the DJ must have felt different, since he kept sleeping. And as though all these aren’t enough “infringement on our right to dignity” there are rumors that some people were locked up at the venue, for a while, on the ground that we didn’t make full payment. But what do I know? It’s just a rumor.
Above everything, shoutout to #ResurgenceTeam for the wonderful treat. We will live to remember this year’s Law Dinner.


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