#Anticipate!!! Something You Want – by Pryce Williams 

Our faculty is home to brilliant minds and talented people. Whether it’s enterprising entrepreneurs you’re looking for, or Tech savvy app developers , to prolific artsy geniuses… Our faculty is room for each of them to thrive. 

As such, it’s our pleasure to announce a new song from one of our very own and very best, Pryce Williams popularly known as Jide Agbaje-Williams ( I think I might have reversed the order there).

He is a gifted singer and rapper who has been featured on the Unilag Campus Heat Cipher. And his J. Cole inspired ‘Let Rap Down’ is a personal favorite of mine. 

Pryce has hit the studio one more time and he wants us to anticipate his new single ‘Something you want’ which drops soon and is Produced by Don L37 of Chocolate City.

We’re waiting!




I love this cover art

1 Comment

  1. After shouting and warning everyone who cared, just like Noah warned the sinners about the flood, but they refused to listen,I am now going to sit back and watch the drama unfold. Here’s something worse than Almighty Wale Langa… Enjoy…. Bon Appétit 😁


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