*after vigorous cleaning*


I hope your holiday’s been going better than mine because I know I am just about fed up of hearing my name! Seriously, I’m going to change it to some other name, say Folake (lol… Folake how is studies:D) No no… I’m changing it to Ohema 😀 I love that name.
Anyway, I have decided to finally intern, whoop whoop! Yup, this lazy ass is finally going to do something useful to her career but, as I’m sure you can guess, its more of an escape from home than anything else. See ehn, it was either this internship or faking a chronic illness, which is darn impossible! I can just visualise the various concoctions, condiments and what-nots that will be shoveled down my throat in the name of agbo! Someone has not even fallen sick yet they’re already giving me orishirishi to consume. The last time I complained of cough, Oh Lord, the colour of the concoction alone was enough to make me proclaim a miraculous healing!

But really, I’m about to sonap! Just yesterday, mom had me picking beans! Plenty beans! Like feed-a-nation type plenty! It was a torturous experience! (My fingers will never forget the pain and heartache) And when I dared to complain, she went on and on about how when she was even younger than me, her mom used to buy tons of vegetables and have her pick the leaves… abegi. Ariwo ko ni music jo.
Wo, back to the internship talk. Remember my question, ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’, I ask it again. While my mates will be interning in places like Lekki, V.I, Ikoyi and even Ikeja, guess where homegirl will be interning? Lagos Island, a.k.a. CMS, a.k.a. Lagos Market! What did I do to deserve this treatment? I went there on Thursday and I am grateful for the Endurance Trek I went on in Sea School 5 years ago. Ah! It is a far place! The walking seemed like it was never going to end, fam, I was about to say, ‘I am not doing again’, but, I remembered the ‘Housegirl’ status I had been reduced to at home and I decided that walking never killed anyone. At least resumption is by 10 a.m. How bad can it possibly be?
On a lighter note, I just remembered one of my roomies, last session, whose phone got stolen in school. When we asked her how it happened, aunty said a guy just walked up to her and said, ‘Give me your phone!’, and she obediently gave it to him! Haaaaa! iPhone 6! In this economy! Even jazz cannot work in that situation! Who is your babalawo? Who is his daddy?

Now, let us all take out a moment to laugh at the December 12 resumption date set by the school. Cheers to those of us who know that we aren’t going anywhere near Unilag till well into the new year.

I’m going to leave you guys at this point. Plix, I am begging you, if you have a heart, help me pray that NEPA, sorry PHCN, brings the light so I can iron my pieces of clothing. I cannot even complain to the hearing of my mom because the slap I’ll get will be dirty. She told me 2 days ago to iron everything I’d need for the week but did I listen, no. As a bad guy, I decided to post it till the very last minute. Now someone will wear rumpled clothes for her first day in the…. Ah I reject it!!

Your very own

Tomiwa Adebanjo

For the Blog. 

Published by William-Adusa Hosanna and Great Opara 

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