A door without a knob
Corn without a cobb
Flag without a pole
Cereal without a bowl.

Eagle without a wing
A castle without a king
Fire without a spark
Dog without a bark.

A basket without a hoop
A chicken without a coop
A rainbow without colour
An athlete without vigour.

A pen without ink
A skate without a rink
A clock without a hand
A guitar without a band.

Santa without a sleigh
A horse without a neigh
An alley without gangsters
A classroom without pranksters.

A window without a glass
A lawn without a grass
A Christmas without a tree
A hive without a bee.

A grandma without a yarn
A cow without a barn
The sky without blue
Me without you.

By the very lovely, Taiwo Famakinde

For the Blog

Published by those two names you’ve been seeing on previous posts

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