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I don’t like that faculty, it is too much stress…

Juwaedat Ajoke…to Hosanna William

After that conversation, Hosanna thought about it. It is true that we are law students, the cool kids of Unilag, the ones who have a library all to themselves, the ones who finish their final year exams before any other faculty, and don’t give a hoot about convocation, the well-dressed super savvy smart talking students, who win every argument at home and anywhere that there are no other law students. And when the arguments are between us, it takes years of adjournment upon adjournment in court to decide who the winner is. I guess we’re bad like that.

But you see it’s actually not all rosy for us. Not at all! We act all cool but deep down, there is a lot of silent pain and anger. We are actually pretty frustrated people, and you’ll be shocked at how silly some of the things that constantly tick us off on a daily basis can be. But since we are better at coding than Gates and Jobs, you’ll never know, unless we tell you.

Why don’t we then? For once, let us let loose, let us let go of the shackles of restraint and ‘being nice’, and let us complain. Let us rant, let us tell ourselves, and each other what the things that bug and bite us about the faculty are. It could be anything, even people. And so myself, along with the blog team put together some of our own annoyances about the faculty to blaze the trail. Read, then follow our lead…

I don’t like that front of faculty, water from our lecturers’ AC’s will just be dripping on you as if it’s raining. And they will sit down comfortably in their cool offices, giving you D’s and F’s. Mtchew

I don’t like that Land Law text book, it just deceives you into thinking you’re a serious student every time you hold it. Not as if you understand what is inside it sef.

I don’t like those seats in annex that will be sliding you off when you seat on them. It’s as if I should just break them one day!

I don’t like that guy that sells meat pie…He never has change! And there’s never meat pie!

I don’t like that upper lounge sef, the AC always floods the place, and there’s not one good seat. They should change the name to upper room, lounge is too good for it.

I don’t like that the annex toilet is always locked…somebody cannot pee in peace again.

I don’t like that woman’s toast bread, I don’t know why I still buy it.

I don’t like the red window blinds in LSS office, the place will just be looking like shrine.

I don’t like that Dominic…how can you be tall, fine, fair, have a car, and be on a good gp. Whastrong with you sef, abeg, I don’t like you jor.

I don’t like that FLT. I don’t know why, but I sha don’t like it.

I don’t like that my GP. *teary faced smiley*

I don’t like that moot court room ehn! I will still bomb the place last last.

I don’t like that girl that keeps the keys to the toilets in annex. She will be doing like she’s the one that built them.

I don’t like that LLM class sef.. You will struggle to enter the small place like sardine and still sweat again on top lecture that is boring. Oh well. We gat no choice

I don’t like that Samba.

I don’t like that year 4…it’s as if I should just erase it from my stay in school.

I don’t like that lounge that is always leaking, did I come here to swim ni?

I don’t like that foreigners get to enter our holy temple of study during exams for overnight. They can’t sit with us. We’re the cool kids.

I don’t like that…I don’t like that…I don’t like that

Have something you don’t like too? We know you do, you know you do…

Hit the comments box and flood it with the things you don’t like in the Faculty.


It can be anything, anyone, any state of affairs.

Begin with “I don’t like that…” to keep the trend.

Give a short hilarious reason why you don’t like your ‘what you don’t like’

Keep it fun and reasonable (please)

And of course, use a fake name…


Published by Hosanna Bin-Laden and Great Oparah Winfrey


  1. all of you faculty grandparents pls don’t generalise. some of us actually like Tutu’s laptop yansh. 200l folks aren’t all dense like some here. but I really don’t like that Duru girl sha. she should find magnet to keep her eyes in place


  2. I don’t care about others am still on about subomi and ife they must confess they are dating. d two of them are beautiful and handsome why are they shy to tell people

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i dont like that lounge …is dat a lounge ..leaking ..bad chairs…unilags faculty of law…then annex chairs are nofin to write home about…DAMN slidy esp. In front it gives me terrible bak ache and dat annex toilet sha…haaa…d lady dat holds dat key…i dom taya for faculty of law.


  4. I don’t like that I have the New Year 2 as coursemates. How low can you get ?coming online to say trash you can’t say to a person’s face. Maturity is truly not by age. I’m sure the new freshers will do better.Some people really need to be deported to secondary school


    1. I don’t like most year 4 and 5 guys. Stop feeling yourselves you empty heads. I don’t like that bode and Cannon can’t keep their smelly mouths shut. I don’t like that Taiwo in year 3 is nothing but a shameless slut. I don’t like that I have to type this.


  5. I don’t like that year 1 rat, Wunmi. Don’t fall into my trap because one of us will end up in the medical center and trust me, it won’t be me.


  6. I don’t like that this femi guy is saying all this things
    I also don’t like that some people are now thrashing the whole year 2
    Did he face u or did we all talk.


    1. I don’t like the fact that all year 2 students are been affected as a whole as a result of some people’s stupidity and failure to think. Please face those saying shit and trash, don’t face us all, because we all didn’t say rubbish, face the immature ones abeg, we all know that everyone ain’t mature enough to be here, especially that Femi guy, he doesn’t belong here, and also in year 2, he doesn’t deserve a place among year 2 students, because he’s been saying trash since, Mr. Femi please ruminate deeply over your life.


      1. I don’t like that there is so much badblood among law students.Most of the people here saying trash are the people that pretend to like the people they are dissing. If not why are you anonymous put your name there let us know 😏


      2. Who is MrsEazi ????? Lmaoo from your name i can see you are just a scumbag… bitch you don’t like harmony??? Den you are just a sad ,poor thing ..Advice to you: whenever you see him….pick up a tissue and wipe your tears…cuz bitch harmony is a king….and you can do nothing about that…I love harmony cuz he is real…You hate him dats your loss darling..♡♡


  7. I don’t like the fact that this post is bringing out the animal in us and causing unnecessary rants.. C’mon we should be matured about this.


  8. I don’t like that there’s this Diploma boy.Komo. in year 3. he’ll be doing Entrepreneur but can’t help the faculty. tho he’s to quiet, he’s almost perfect still😩😩.


  9. Lmaooooo. Who’s this idiot okro abeg? And how can you tell Bode and Cannon even have mouth odour? You can’t even sub Taiwo with your real name and chest it. Your comment is only giving you off as a coward, very weak, and insecure. I don’t like that.


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