Ever had days when you enter some commercial vehicles especially danfo, and moments after you step in, you wish you didn’t but it’s too late to get off? I guess this is one of such unfortunate days for me.
“wizzy boy make me dance, daddy yo ma…” blares in my eardrums through my earpiece, as I step into this danfo heading to Ikeja. With the several stupid emotional vibes coming from all around (but then, today is Feb 14. What do I expect?) I need to block them out with something loud.
If only I knew Baba Nla couldn’t save me today.
Valentine day is a one-time thing where people show love, feel love and share gifts of all… sorts. Wonderful. Nothing wrong with that. But please what’s with using your own to disturb other people edakun? Because right now I don’t understand why this bus driver is playing All Of Me by “Uncle Legend”. Doesn’t he know that I’m heartbroken and don’t need this at the moment. Like oga, try again later. Sigh.
“I’ll just increase the volume of the music on my phone and hope this nuisance ends soon.”
Unfortunately, it doesn’t but gets louder instead.
“I know you love me; I know you care…” was next on his playlist.
Is all over! I’m finally going to cry and embarrass myself in public. I sincerely hope my village people are content now!
At this point, I decide to ditch my earpiece, since it has become as useless as Vic O. Igbo boys and counterfeit creations. Smh. Please my friend reading this, be careful of all these “omonna people”. I mean, take a good look at me, grumbling inside about valentine and love songs. Why?
1. one good-looking Chima broke up with me on the eve of valentine
2. some Igbo bros did not think to make original earpiece that’ll have saved me now from this present predicament.
In other words, Igbo boys will ruin your life. Run.
Shortly after the next track comes on on from the bus stereo, people literally begin to sing along. I turn to look at the “culprits” and see young happy chaps, one elderly woman and our beloved conductor nodding to the rhythm. One out of style lad (who wears sandals when suited up?) beside me is even whistling
Rubbish and nonsense
“I cannot wait to get off this bus”, I think to myself as I stare out the window.

Passing by Maryland, I notice a quote on a billboard saying “Always look out for the sunshine after the rain.” It is at this point that things become clear to me.
There’ll always be rainy seasons as one journeys through life, seemingly lasting for ages. Gloomy and melancholic times. However, there’s the sunshine just right behind, waiting for its turn, to turn gloomy to glorious and melancholy to merry.
This is my sunshine. This is my new beginning Alas; I knew what I had to do

I join into the joyous sappy mood because my brother, eyan le ku at any point in time. I’m alive and hopeful. I will sing love songs. I will count my blessings.

Written By Olamide Davis

Published By Great Opara

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