Chigozie walked past him, swaying her hips as she walked. Exaggeratedly, of course. ‘I mean if you don’t teach these boys a lesson, who will?‘, She thought. Fancy Godson, of all boys, turning her down. He definitely didn’t know what he was missing. She huffed and puffed.

With his eyes and especially, his heart, Kenneth followed her every move. She was like a stubborn child, annoying but so precious. When would she realise that boys like Godson weren’t worth her attention? All hype and definitely no flavour. ‘He would never treat her right‘, he muttered to himself. ‘Not like I would‘. He continued walking happily, daydreaming and said a quick hello to a classmate. 

Calm down, Bisola. It’s only a hello!‘. Maybe she was over thinking things. Damn! But the way he smiled at her when he was saying the hello. It had to be it! She had been in love with Kenneth for a million years but she wasn’t sure if he felt the same way. But that smile, it had a hidden meaning, like a code she had to decipher. ‘It’s a sign. He’s probably shy. Or waiting for me to make the first move‘, she thought. 
Her friend Ola, ‘You know what they say, go big or go home‘. 
She pressed the Send button.

Audu entered and looked around. Same old, same old class. He rolled his eyes at the clearly smitten Bisola, running after Kenneth when he had eyes only for Chigozie. How trifling! The only love he would ever have was crack. She never failed, never cheated, never love lost and most importantly, she would never leave. Like a sexy arabian seductress, she entered his body and took over the reins of his soul and mind. That to him, was the only true love. However, this morning, she was harsh. She was never gentle but today, she was like something out of a masochist picture. Maybe he took too much, his mind debated. ‘Whenever is it too much?‘, he asked himself. That was before his body hit the floor.

Written By Titilope Adedokun

Published By Great Opara

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