If TEC is king, then Law Class of ‘19 is one almighty class. Okay, you can say I am biased. Well, that’s your business. I mean the “eloquencial dexterity” displayed by the members of that class at Manifesto: The Fourthcoming has no comparison. From Oguntade Damilola of Maritime Forum. , Ademiluwa Ipinnuoluwa of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Society , Ajayi Samuel of The Tax Club , Nadine Okeguale of the Mooting Society , Deborah Oguike of the Book Club , Dolapo Omotosho of the Justice Oputa Chamber , Dosunmu Agboola Mubarak of the National Association of Muslim Law Students , Akinkuolie Ibitayo of the Oil and Gas Bar, Habeeb Adetunji Adeleke of the Kayode Eso Students Chamber, Emmanuel Abaniwo of the Christian law Student Society , Akindele Anointed of the host society, Taslim Elias Chambers, and there was a “special appearance” by Yinka-Gregg Gregg of the Gani Fawehinmi Students Chamber. I would not have expected less as 50% of the contestants were members of the Mooting Society. The Law annex was aflame from 12:50pm to 6:00pm.

The first speakers came with less fire and everyone was busy playing candy crush or gossiping. The second set was better with Nadine and Abaniwo, aka pastor posh. They got the attention of everyone and  with O’Nadine’s make up on fleek, that was made very easy. It got even better when Dosunmu Agboola Mubarak, presidential aspirant for NAMLAS and Ajayi Samuel of the Tax Club came in with the Law Class of ‘19 habit of throwing shades. Their arguments were very interesting and reasonable.

At the debates were going on, comments were being passed on papers which were read after the first round. Just too many funny comments.

You would never know how petty law students can be until you see them display. Some were professing undying love for some of the debaters, others were commenting like they were preparing a diss track. Haters!

After the first round, top five debaters were to proceed to the second round. Omotosho Dolapo and Nadine Okeguale tied at the 5th position, Oguntade Damilola came 4th, Dosunmu Agboola came 3rd,Samuel Ajayi came 2nd and Ademiluwa Ipinnuoluwa came 1st. The second round of the debate was impromptu and after all was said and done, Samuel Ajayi came 3rd,Dosunmu Agboola came 2nd and Oguntade Damilola emerged the winner.

The chow was lit, as usual, just that recession affected the size of the plate. The DJ was throwing in some mad ass gbedu and almost everyone started dancing, apart from those eating, excluding Chima. His first dance partner got tired, so the boy went ahead to find a new dance partner and you will not believe what he found;a class of ‘20 sister in the Lord who loves to believe she is a very excellent dancer, I mean she even represented the class at the last edition of Law’s Got Talent. Everyone gathered to watch her dance and she thought they liked her style. But people, like me were amazed at how someone could be so ridiculous about it. Great Opara, the HOC of the host Chamber, TEC made the DJ stop the music and the madness at exactly 6pm. The fear of rustication is real.

The point is, from the beginning of the program to the end of the program and after the end of the program was so lit. Anticipate The Manifesto 5.0.

Review By Ayomide Alajogun


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