What do you call a boy who stands up to his bullies? An Ambulance!

She laughed so hard the drink in her mouth came out of her nose. She loved his jokes. The simplicity and the lack of effort in the jokes were the real punchline. But he didn’t know. He thought he was funny. She smirked every time he smiled confidently after telling his joke but his charm never gave her the courage to tell him he was no Chris Rock. His smile would always confuse her and she would forget anything bad about him she knew was obvious. She was in love. She had to be. After all this was how they described it in the movies. She knew there was something special about him when she met him on that cold evening on Queens’ Avenue. She was walking home alone which was a stupid idea to begin with when a man came out of nowhere and pointed a gun at her and asked her for her purse. She hesitated at first but he rose his voice and his demeanor rather than the gun frightened her and she gave him the purse. He had a terrible look in his eyes, scarier than looking down the barrel of any gun. He was turning around to leave when out of nowhere an elbow swung into his face and he went crashing down, unconscious. He had come to her rescue. He was her knight in shining armor. He was Kevin. He was her protector and her own personal comedian.

She asked Kevin to tell her another joke but he didn’t reply. Something was wrong. He wasn’t moving. “Hey Kevin. C’mon tell me another joke” but he wouldn’t say anything. In fact he wasn’t even moving he just sat there staring at her. “Kevin? Kevin answer me. Kevin!” She started screaming his name at the top her lungs till the Psychiatric doctor and two nurses came in. “What’s the matter Sophie? Are you alright?” the female doctor asked her as she instructed the nurses to inject Sophie with something. “Kevin won’t tell me anymore jokes” she said pointing to the empty space in front of her bed. The Doctor looked at her with pity and nodded her head sympathetically as the nurses injected her again. It was a daily routine.

Written By Martin Achimugu

Published By Great Opara

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