Hidden Figures
2016 Movie

Historical, Scientific 
Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monaé, Octavia Spencer, Kristen Dunst…

Even before the movie came out, I had watched it, in my head. It didn’t help that it took donkey years to come to Nigerian cinemas. Finally, I watched it last week. 
Based on true life events, I’d like to think of Hidden Figures of a sort of coming of age story. Don’t get me wrong, no one was shedding puberty but America was shedding racism, segregation and the incredulous words that call, ‘Women should be seen – not heard‘. Now, these three were women, they were negros and they could actually do math and more. It was a real growing up of America to see that the colour of your skin doesn’t mean you are not as good as the other person or even better.

My reviews are super informal, as I always say. I literally am going to list out five reasons you should see Hidden Figures and my work here is done.
1. It’s not your regular black people movie. 
Yes, it is set in that age and time where the white people thought we, we being blacks, African American were beneath them but it wasn’t a cliché, I promise. There was so much substance to it that made it beautiful. It told the story, such that would reflect the real point of the story, those three strong women and pacesetters.

2. The acting was beautiful and the chemistry was everything.
As I was watching, I felt like I was part of it all. So many people see acting as a job, I mean, it is. But, I’m telling you, there’s a difference between seeing something as a mere job and it being your life, a lifestyle. The chemistry was incredible, mindblowing actually. I loved that Taraji P Henson’s character gave us an upgrade from Cookie Lyon to straight nerd! And oh yes, she executed it brilliantly. I always say that a good movie would invoke so much emotion or camaderie, at least in you. At a point, it seems like you’re one of them.

3. The fact that it was based on true events.
This is just the bomb! Actually, Caroline Johnson nee Goble and possibly others are still alive! Whaat. I want to meet her and the rest because they are living legends, honestly. Living legends! They were the first or are actually the first of their kinds. The movie was a true and fitting tribute. 

4. If anything, watch it for the beautiful dresses from the ’60s and the setting.
*Coughs!* If you aren’t, you should be following NASA on snapchat. I kind of like aeronautics and yes, I was following them before Hidden Figures began in the cinemas. Almost 12 months of followership!
But one thing, I noticed was that the setting, being NASA looks everything like the real NASA, though obviously, it’s now upgraded. I know right! I was watching snaps and I was like wait oo. The dresses and make-up was everything. Janelle Monae looked absolutely divine, most especially. Love, love, love the costumes!

5. It’s simply inspirational. 
As I watched, I turned to my friend and told her, ‘You can be anything you want to be‘. Why? Because it’s true. Right now, the words might not be much seeing that we now live in a slightly better world from that time but it’s simply incredible. Being the first of their kinds! The first black female engineer in a time where being black, I would have had to use separate bathrooms, buses, even freaking coffee jugs! Being recognised for hardwork where and when being a woman in a man’s world was crazy enough, to top it off, being black! 

It was a phenomenal watch.

Rating – A

Review By Titilope Adedokun

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