In case anyone missed me, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Year 4 has me feeling overwhelmed. Honestly, I think it is the ‘make-it-or-break-it‘ year, its been one helluva journey so far. Also, with the new blog committee and the wonderful content they’ve been spinning, well let me just say I’ve not been feeling like a good writer lately. But, you’re all stuck with me (haha) so here I am, writing again.

Ehen! So dass how, one beloved day like that, last week Tuesday to be exact, I finally got the hottest guy in the faculty of law to take me out on a date! After years of singing, ‘Oluwa provide a boo o..‘, my prayers have been answered…. or not. Lmao! I’m kidding. Not about the ‘hot’ part but the ‘boo’ part… and technically, it was not a date, say hello to my nonexistent love life, just 2 friends going to see a movie. Which one? LOGAN babyy! Who’d pass up a chance to see Wolverine in action? I’d go into details of the movie but I’m no spoiler. All I can say is y’all need to see it! I still can’t believe that thing happened to Professor X and that Logan actually di…. oops! Sorry about that.

Anyway, I was in charge of transportation o. I ordered the Uber o. But then, a girl forgot that the number she used to register the Uber account was her mother’s number. Next thing I know, she’s calling me 2 seconds later, informing me that ‘one man’ called her, telling her that he was outside, waiting for her. I mentally slapped myself for the slip! The conversation ended with her telling me, ‘Very soon, all your secrets will be exposed!‘ Faaammm! I was shook! That’s not the end o! About 20 minutes into the movie, she called again, I kid you not! I just left the phone there to ring on…. What’s the worst that could happen? Lol. I went home over the weekend and mom c let me know in no uncertain terms that she’s not sending me to school for men to be taking me out. I tried to explain that it was just the uber driver bhet…. you know Yoruba mothers.

The journey back to school is another story on its own. The conductor of the first bus I entered was a tout in every sense of the word! He was so hilariously rude, I almost choked on my laughter! Immediately I got on the bus, he started hurling insults at the driver for heaven-knows-what. His next target was a poor man who spent too long trying to get his wallet out of his pocket to pay his fare, which was a bit of a hassle, especially since he was crumpled between 2 generously weighted women. I sent a quick prayer heavenwards that at no point in the roughly 45 minutes I had to spend on the bus would his uncouth tongue be directed towards me! The man practically chased down 3 grown men who were planning to lap themselves in the bus! Emphasis on the grown o! I was quite pleased with that because, no really, bus that is already hot, cramped, uncomfortable and smelly, you now want to coman use your own to disturb the peace of the nation? For what now? 50 naira transport fare o! Seriously shame is almost nonexistent nowadays.

Moving on. Guys this is real time talk….. I have been in this library since 9.00a.m. This is 7.00p.m. and I can honestly say that I have read anything but the books I brought to read! I have been flicking through novel after novel on my phone, absolutely ignoring the land law books I lugged out of my hostel this morning! I need motivation to finish the semester, it has definitely been my most daunting so far. I wish I could just win a trip to a really exotic place, Bahamas maybe? But no. Things like that won’t happen to someone. Ordinary Ozone sef someone cannot go in peace without her mother breathing down her neck. Right now I just want Coco Pops.

Written By Tomiwa Adebanjo

Published By Great Opara

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