Final part of the series

So here I am, tied to a pole like a goat waiting to be killed or whatever the masquerades decide to do to me. I take some time to think about my life. It hasn’t been a bad one. School was lit(sometimes), I had good friends and we had had awesome times. My family was great and I’ll miss them, if spirits could feel. The tears are flowing freely now. 
The masquerades come back and inspect me while they talked in low tones. I hoped they didn’t torture me. That would be terrible. I hoped they just cut off my head at once so I could feel no pain. I read somewhere that it was easier that way. 

Suddenly, a man rushes in, startling the masquerades. That surprised me. Weren’t they spirits? Why were they scared? He shouted some weird things and moved towards me. The spirits didn’t make a move. I have never been so confused in my life. He takes a long knife out of his jacket and puts it on my neck. He opens his big mouth and bellows;


I open my eyes slowly, my heart beating fast. What does this man want? 

I trudge to the living room, back bent, eyes half closed. “yes dad?” “You and your sister should sweep the yard immediately”. I sighed. “Yes Sir”. 

Now I’ll never know if I died. Wouldn’t have been a bad thing, considering the current circumstances. 

Written By Joshua Nwabuikwu

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