Come Friday the 9th of June 2017,the faculty of law would host it’s annual Professor Abiola Ojo sports festival press conference .The conference is going to be focusing on the tactical analysis of the various coaches on the various sports being contested .With the introduction of an Olympic themed concept .

This year’s press conference would also witness the unveiling of the unified games trophy which would be the symbol of dominance for the class with the highest number of medals ,accompanied with other trophies and medals.

This year’s competition would be tagged “CLASH OF THE TITANS “. Last year’s conference witnessed some brain racking decisions with eventual answers costing some teams ,and this year’s conference promises to be no different .

In past times,the games have been framed up on the the backbone of the hotly contested football competition ,and this year’s conference although with the introduction of the Olympic theme would probably be no different .With that been said ,the thought everyone should keep in mind is the fact that none of the contesting classes has been able to get their hands on the conveted prize at least except for the class of 21′ who for them would be the first taste of the games. The reminder would definitely go out with a point to prove as this year the stakes would be raised,no holds barred .

This year’s conference would for sure be the starting point and possibly spell the end for each and every competitor .




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