A whole lot of people have been trying to get all serious with the break, while some others like me just enjoy the fact that I can chill through the holidays. Not to mention the release of the flood gates of results. Oh yes that moment is always the climax of the holiday adventure. Nonetheless here’s a little something to ruminate on. The 5 things you can still do for the rest of the holiday.
1) Pay your undergraduate fees and ballot for hostel.
This might be a mere cliché to you, especially for a fresher. Trust me this is like the best thing you can do for yourself. Undergraduate fees for freshmen is around 50k or so. PS, it’s time to be a good child and start making your payment request from parents. While for staylites 15k is no ish. you can just save 3k for the next 5wks and you’re up for the session. The second drill; Hostel balloting. This I tell you is no joke. Except one way or the other you’re a friend of Bruce Wayne. Get your laptop and good network. Remember the date 28th November 2017, and may the bed space ever be in your favor.

Register your courses, so you can ballot. 

Hold on, that wasn’t the first point, it’s a normal thing in an undergraduate’s life. Now our official list is this ;
2) Learn a skill. When you hear skill this means a lot. Don’t limit it to just hairdressing or fashion design or the likes. Yes these are skills that are also very lucrative and in fact I advise you learn one of those. Trust me shoe making is cool ask Cuvroyale, or Event Decorations like Sparkles event, not to forget photography as wielded by Akin OJ. However have you heard of Digital skills? It’s organized by Google Inc., and it’s an online training platform, if you’re interested catch up via https://learndigital.withgoogle.com
We won’t be the first to tell you, that something you can do during the holidays is to learn a skill. Be an apprentice, or intern. You’ll learn what you won’t be taught in the classroom, and what you acquire will help you in the long run. You might even earn a few bucks. 

3) Personal development pertains to a lot of things, negative and positive. Notwithstanding I’ve been programmed to wire this write up for a positive aspect of self development. One is to  Read books like Art of War, this would work on your character alongside something by James Allen: “As a man thinketh”. This would help you psychologically, it has an effect on the way you think, it’s a cool book too. 
      I have also observed that a minute fraction of people in the faculty haven’t really found a way to appreciate their introvert personality. Lol, it’s normal to be a quiet folk, but it’s better to understand why you’re wired that way. I bring to you “Quiet by Susan Cain“. A book that takes you through the intricacies of an introvert just like you and the beautiful things to appreciate about your personality. 

Lastly, if you’d like to join a club or society this coming session, you can start reading up about them, eg for ADR read through ICC Arb Rules; for Maritime you can read up on the national and international Maritime sector; for tax club, get something on tax law, perhaps a 5-page pdf that’s cool. No knowledge is wasted. 
4) Creative Talents? 

This is a quick one for writers or creative developers. I wonder why you’re studying law though, but what can you say? Law gives you a wonderful platform to explore this. So you’re advised to read poems, books perhaps by Dan Brown, or John Grisham etc. they enlighten you with concepts on how to streamline ideas.  Write. Poems, Short stories, tales etc  Just write. There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write. You can even participate in writing competitions! For example we have http://newmediawritingprize.co.uk/faq/ amongst others. 
This advise also goes generally to everyone with a special talent perhaps dancing, singing etc. That’s why it’s a holiday, explore your passion for these activities too. Write your songs, sing them, make your arts, draw them, paint your boards display them. Record your dance moves, share them. Explore your passion, develop them. 
Please, don’t load a one corner video thank you.
5) Let’s get down with the L.L.B 

       Those that have seen their results and are not satisfied, make your complaints that’s your choice to make,  but this I advise you  do: 

1) Go to the prospectus, don’t worry ransacked your wardrobe or your room you’ll find it. Look for  the courses you’re about to face. Pen them down. e.g Admin law, Criminal law, Law of Trust, Evidence etc.. 

2) Since you’ll still have to read the recommended BIG, VOLUMINOUS text books some of you may not want to bore yourself out so early. Thus I advise you Download an English pdf book on them and read through. This gives you an idea about the subject. A fair start might boost your interest. 

3) Remember to read through the books with the scheme provided for in the prospectus. 
Finally, for those with Carryovers, let’s keep calm. I must say, this really hurts but we can’t afford to sweep things under the carpet. I want you to use this holiday to decide. E.g If you’re going to yr3 or 4 and you have an issue with contract, go back to the time table that’s been provided ( get this via your class rep) , skim the surface and pick for yourself  electives that won’t clash with contract or with Law of Tort or with Equity etc. That way you’re able to work with a time table that suits you. That way you’re able to focus on the grades you plan to achieve this coming semester. Don’t forget to involve your course advisor or any lecturer you find more friendly. 
The mind is a powerful tool for physical realization. Sometimes you need to be hard on yourself and ask the difficult questions. Scold yourself for the incompetence, that way you’ll be inconvenient at the sight of a mediocre result, that way you’ll be irritated with average. Then your MIND IS RIPE ENOUGH TO CONCEIVE EXCELLENCE. 

There you are! And your holiday won’t be a ‘waste’ after all. 

A gentle advice from a caring friend. 

Your welfare sec

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