The ladies rock without doubt and they are so gifted; lightening up the world at any little display of their worth. Nowadays, it goes beyond the beauty, it’s now all about what one has to offer, what you can do to change the status quo, what you can do to make people smile or laugh their sorrows off after a long hectic day, it’s all about creativity, innovation and the beauty of the mind. When we speak of creativity, Chiamanda Adichie is the name to reckon with. Her style, works, charisma, her speeches! All just seems to be right, so perfect! Adichie is officially the deal!

Chimamanda’s story is so fascinating and I wonder why we haven’t had an auto-biography from her; I guess it’s one of the things we should be expecting from her. Adichie is a novelist, non-fiction writer and a short story writer, born on the 15th of September 1977 and we are proud to say that she is a daughter of the soil! She hails from Enugu town in Enugu State, Nigeria. One would wonder how her life while growing up would have been having been born and bred in a university setting. It is very obvious her parents contributed a great deal to her success in life and with the positions her parents were occupying at that time in the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State where she was also born, this includes the fact that the epic African writer, Chinua Achebe is her major influence. Her father was a professor of statistics in the university while her mother was the first female registrar of that University. As she studied medicine and pharmacy in UNN, she began to exhibit her literary skills by editing for the compass magazine that ran by the university’s catholic medical students and at the age of 19 she finally got the wings to fly, got admitted into Drexel University in Philadelphia and later moved to Eastern Connecticut where she received a bachelor’s degree and came out with a distinction of summa cum laude 2001.



She went further to complete her master’s degree in creative writing at John Hopkins University and a Master of Art degree in African studies from Yale University. Chimamanda was also Hodder-fellow at the prestigious Princeton University and she was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship in 2008 as well as that of Harvard University by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. In 2016, Adichie was given the honorary degree- Doctor of Humane letters and Doctor of Humane letters in 2017.  This legendary writer resides both in Nigeria where she teaches writing workshops and in America where her works are gaining grounds. She announced in an interview in July 2016 that she had a baby daughter.

The writer, right from her days of her first collection of poems titled ‘Decision’ and her play, ‘Love for Biafra’ in 1997 and 1998 respectively and her subsequent works like the famous ‘Purple Hibiscus’, ‘Half Yellow Sun’, ‘Americanah’ and a collection of stories, ‘A Thing Around Your Neck’, she has been on fire! She took it up a notch with her famous speech on TED TALK titled, ‘We should all be Feminists’. This speech was widely recognized by various celebrities and stars all over the world; it was a the major theme of Beyonce’s single, ‘Flawless’. She is recognized globally and has received quite a number of accolades like the David .T. Wang International Short Story Prize (PEN American Center), O. Henry Prize,  CommonWealth Writer’s Prize: Best First Book (both for Africa and overall for her book, Purple Hibiscus) and various nominations like the prestigious Orange Prize, Booker Prize and plethora of nominations and awards we can’t begin to mention now. She the bomb! Adichie is married to Dr. Ivara Esege.

Chimamanda is a true representation of Africa and she has her works which constantly paints the naked image of the African setting, especially Nigeria, and this also includes her reasonable opinions of evergreen support and fight for her desired course. She is the female Africa!

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Did you know that Adichie said in an interview that she prefers being called ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs.’ She said:

Before we start please, I just want to say that my name is Chimamanda Adichie. That’s how I want it; that’s how I’m addressed, and it is not Mrs but Miss. That’s how I want it. I’m saying this because I got a mail from my manager this morning, it seems that there are people that attended the church service and they wrote about it, addressing me as Mrs. Chimamanda Esega. I didn’t like that at all. So my name is Chimamanda Adichie, full stop!”

That’s some personality, so fascinating!


Scrawled by Makua.

Blazoned by Taiwo.


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